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2023 Digital Marketing Awards Entry Deadline Extended!

08 July, 2023

In a recent announcement, the organizers of the 2023 editions of the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards and the Effective Digital Marketing Awards have extended the submission deadline by an additional two weeks. The final date for entries is now midnight UK time, Friday 21 July. This extension provides an extra opportunity for companies to showcase their innovative marketing strategies and campaigns in the mobile and digital marketing landscape.

The Effective Mobile Marketing Awards are primarily focused on mobile strategies, while the Effective Digital Marketing Awards encompass a wider range of digital marketing initiatives. These prestigious awards not only recognize excellence in mobile and digital marketing but also provide a platform for marketers to gain recognition and visibility in the industry.

The categories for each award program are diverse and comprehensive. They include the ‘Most Effective Metaverse Campaign or Experience’, ‘Most Effective Use of Data’, ‘Most Effective Performance Marketing Campaign’, and ‘Most Effective Search Campaign’. These categories aim to highlight the diverse ways in which marketers are leveraging technology and data to create impactful campaigns and experiences.

For those interested in Gym Marketing, this could be your chance to showcase how you’ve used mobile or digital marketing strategies to attract More Gym Members. Perhaps you’ve developed an innovative Advertising For Gyms campaign that has significantly boosted your gym’s membership. Or maybe you’ve mastered Gym Lead Generation using Facebook Ads. Whatever your success story, these awards offer a fantastic opportunity to gain recognition for your hard work and creativity.

If you’re eager to submit your entry for the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, you can find more information here. For those interested in entering the Effective Digital Marketing Awards, more details can be found here.

These awards provide a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their most effective and innovative marketing strategies. Whether it’s a groundbreaking metaverse experience, a data-driven campaign, or a performance marketing strategy that has delivered exceptional results, these awards recognize the very best in mobile and digital marketing.

In an increasingly competitive market, these awards offer a chance for companies to stand out from the crowd. They provide an opportunity for marketers to showcase their innovative approaches, creative thinking, and successful outcomes. Winning an award can also boost a company’s reputation, attracting new clients and retaining existing ones.

Furthermore, these awards also serve as a benchmark for excellence in the industry. They set the standard for what constitutes effective mobile and digital marketing, inspiring other companies to strive for similar success. They also highlight emerging trends and innovative approaches, providing valuable insights for the wider marketing community.

In conclusion, the extension of the submission deadline for the 2023 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards and the Effective Digital Marketing Awards offers an exciting opportunity for marketers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding marketer, these awards provide a platform to showcase your creativity, innovation, and success in mobile and digital marketing. So don’t delay – seize this opportunity to gain recognition for your hard work and submit your entry today!