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IHEARTCOMIX: Revolutionizing Pop Culture Events with Genre-Blending Approach

30 July, 2023

In the dynamic world of pop culture, IHEARTCOMIX, a creative agency, is making waves with its innovative experiential events that seamlessly blend music, entertainment, and lifestyle. This April, the agency put on a spectacular event for Marvel Studios to commemorate the music of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, complete with a vibrant photo opportunity featuring spacesuits from the film.

Franki Chan, the founder of IHEARTCOMIX, is passionate about merging different industries at events like these. He believes that fans of music or fashion are likely to be Marvel enthusiasts too. This belief has been the backbone of the agency’s approach to creating experiences that resonate with fans on multiple levels.

IHEARTCOMIX was born out of Chan’s passion for art and entertainment. After moving from Seattle to Los Angeles in 2004 with dreams of becoming a comic book artist, he found himself working as a DJ and club promoter. This led to him hosting parties with his friend Steve Aoki, who was then the owner of an indie record label.

These parties became famous for featuring local and touring bands that later gained popularity. They also attracted attention due to the involvement of photographer The Cobrasnake, who regularly documented these events. The parties became a global sensation, inspiring young people around the world.

As IHEARTCOMIX grew in popularity, Chan realized its potential as a brand. He then pivoted to develop it into a record label and a music blog. He even explored opportunities for a TV pilot with Seth Rogen.

Over time, IHEARTCOMIX began to attract attention from major brands like Sundance, Adult Swim, Universal, and Vice. This was due in part to the agency’s unique approach to creating experiential events that resonated with fans. For instance, their collaboration with Bronx-based chef collective Ghetto Gastro for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther movie called Taste of Wakanda was a huge success.

The campaign imagined what the cuisine of Wakanda might be and brought it to life at a Blank Panther-themed show during New York Fashion Week. This innovative approach to blending pop culture and lifestyle experiences marked a turning point for IHEARTCOMIX.

The agency’s success skyrocketed from there, and they tripled their client base during the pandemic. Today, Chan continues to use his experience as a promoter and his passion for fandom to create impactful events and campaigns for a diverse range of clients.

Chan believes that authenticity is key when creating fan-centric experiences. According to him, fans can sense when they are being catered to by people who do not understand their interests. As such, IHEARTCOMIX focuses on niches where they can excel, such as comic books, sci-fi, and horror.

Chan also emphasizes the importance of blending genres to reach a wider audience. He argues that it’s wrong to assume that fans are only those who openly express their fandom. For instance, someone who loves music or fashion might also be a Marvel fan.

With this in mind, IHEARTCOMIX aims to make “nerdy stuff cool” and bring “cool stuff to the nerds.” They work with brands like Marvel Studios to infuse their experiences with elements of music and culture.

In conclusion, IHEARTCOMIX is redefining how brands engage with fans by creating unique experiences that blend different aspects of pop culture. Their innovative approach not only attracts more gym members but also opens up new avenues for advertising for gyms and gym lead generation through Facebook ads.