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Karbo Com Unveils Service to Shape AI Narratives and Boost Market Share

19 September, 2023

In a groundbreaking move, Karbo Communications, a renowned global technology PR and digital marketing firm, has announced the launch of a new service that promises to revolutionize the way companies manage their AI narratives. This new offering is designed to provide customizable communications and digital marketing solutions that will have an immediate impact on businesses.

Over the past quarter-century, Karbo Communications has collaborated with AI innovators ranging from fledgling startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises. Its impressive portfolio includes industry giants like Nvidia, IBM Watson, Meta, Penguin, Cornelis Networks, and AppDynamics. This extensive experience has equipped the firm with a deep understanding of the unique needs of AI-centric businesses.

In addition to the new service, Karbo Communications also revealed its comprehensive AI Blueprint. This blueprint encompasses AI guidelines, a code of ethics, and best practices for employing AI tools and workflows in PR, content development, and digital marketing.

Julie Karbo, the CEO and founder of Karbo Communications, expressed her views on the increasingly competitive AI market. “The challenge of standing out in the AI market is a critical one,” she said. “When I started working with AI startups 25 years ago, the focus was on educating people about AI and its potential for long-term value. While highlighting business value remains important today, the task is no longer about convincing people of the staying power of AI. Instead, it’s about differentiating ourselves through strategic services and creative perspectives while addressing peripheral issues like privacy, ownership, compliance, and security.”

Karbo Communications’ new AI Practice is designed to address these challenges and deliver new customers, partners, funding, and staff for AI companies. Whether it’s an AI startup, a company incorporating AI into their product line, or a multi-billion-dollar brand developing or acquiring AI solutions, Karbo Communications is committed to providing awareness, differentiation, and thought leadership that translates into sales and market share.

In a landscape where public perception and visibility can make or break AI-related businesses, a cookie-cutter approach simply won’t cut it. Karbo Communications’ unique blend of deep AI knowledge, experience in communicating AI technology and benefits, and current AI tools and perspective set it apart from the competition.

Julie Karbo further added, “In 2016, I wrote an article that emphasized the value of AI in business and consumer applications, including ‘conversational commerce’ and the disruption of business processes by data analytics. While others are now jumping on the AI bandwagon, we’ve recognized the importance and value of AI for decades. Our clients reap the benefits of this foresight and experience daily.”

For more details on Karbo Communications’ AI Practice and experience, interested parties can visit their website. The company’s extensive expertise extends beyond AI to sectors like SaaS, fintech, security, smart systems, green tech, e-commerce, supply chain, data analytics, MarTech, high performance computing, and more.

In terms of gym marketing and advertising for gyms, Karbo Communications offers special startup packages. For a limited time, they will also provide a Share of Voice analysis for companies seeking services. This could be particularly beneficial for gym lead generation and Facebook Ads management for gyms looking to attract more gym members.

Lauren Burge, Head of Media Strategy at Karbo Communications, is available for further inquiries at [email protected].