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Marketing Guru Sartaj Sarkaria Discusses Industry Evolution Amid Pandemic

08 July, 2023

Marketing Insights: A Conversation with Sartaj Sarkaria on the Evolution and Challenges of Marketing

In a recent interview, Sartaj Sarkaria, a seasoned marketer and member of the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), shared his insightful journey into the marketing industry and his observations on its evolution. Sarkaria, who entered the industry somewhat serendipitously, has witnessed many changes, especially in the last three years. The global pandemic, in particular, forced marketers to rethink their strategies and adapt to new ways of engaging with consumers.

Sarkaria highlighted the increasing trend among marketers to pursue professional development and seek leadership roles. He noted that the Canadian marketing industry is brimming with talent and creativity, and young marketers are eager to lead brands and agencies towards their unique visions.

When asked about the current digital marketing trends, Sarkaria pointed out two significant shifts – the surge in video marketing and the growing consumer demand for relevant ads. He cited a recent report titled ‘Canada’s Privacy Law Priorities Better Protections for Canadians + Innovation for Economic Growth’, which revealed that Canadians’ acceptance of targeted online information and advertising has doubled in the past year. Furthermore, a survey by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada indicated that 77% of businesses gather customer information to meet consumer service demands.

However, digital marketing isn’t without its challenges. According to Sarkaria, marketers must stay agile and innovative, continuously learning about their customers to generate qualified leads and create engaging content. They also need to comply with consumer protection and privacy laws. Keeping track of the fast-paced cultural and technological changes can be daunting, but it’s crucial for marketers to stay ahead and predict future trends.

Sarkaria emphasized that digital marketers should tailor their approach depending on the medium, whether it’s photo, video, or copy content for various social platforms. The key is to understand the audience deeply and genuinely, as this knowledge will guide their approach.

Regarding transitioning to the digital world, Sarkaria stated that many organizations have already made this shift and are now refining their digital marketing strategies. The first step is understanding what consumers want, how your brand stands out, and what type of content you plan to produce. Data plays a crucial role in this transition – it should inform long-term plans and upcoming campaigns. Companies must use data responsibly and avoid transitioning blindly without consulting data, as this could put them at a disadvantage against competitors.

For those aspiring to join the marketing industry, Sarkaria’s advice is simple: Keep learning. The marketing industry is ever-evolving, and staying up-to-date is essential. He recommended attending events and training sessions offered by organizations like CMA to keep skills relevant. He also encouraged thinking outside the box – memorable campaigns are often born from daring ideas that may initially seem wild or silly.

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In conclusion, Sartaj Sarkaria’s perspective on the evolution and challenges of marketing offers valuable insights for both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the industry. His emphasis on continuous learning, audience understanding, data utilization, and creative thinking provides a roadmap for success in this dynamic field.