Brand Experience

“Push Notifications: A Game-Changer for Business Growth and User Retention”

29 June, 2023

Push notifications have emerged as a formidable force in the realm of user retention, according to Anna Efimova, Sales Director at Notix. Their easy deployment, targeted reach, and ability to generate revenue through ads make them an invaluable tool for businesses. Here’s how brands can harness the power of push notifications to their advantage.

According to stark statistics, a mere 5% increase in user retention can spike a business’s value by over 50%. Therefore, mastering the art of engaging, re-engaging, and forging robust customer relationships is crucial to any marketing strategy. Luckily, we live in an era abundant with tools that can aid in enhancing a customer’s lifetime value. Among these, push notifications stand out as a highly potent user retention tool.

Brands use a variety of tools to engage users and encourage them to revisit websites and apps. These include:

• Email marketing, which ranks as the third leading marketing channel according to
• CRM systems, which reports are used by 91% of businesses with more than ten employees
• Chatbots, which Salesforce research shows are used by 23% of service organizations, with an additional 31% planning to integrate them into their strategies
• Paywalls, used by 41% of 473 websites surveyed in Inma’s research
• Push notifications: web push for browsers and mobile notifications for apps. A CleverTap survey revealed that this channel was adopted by 78% of businesses.

Interestingly, 57% of users find push notifications helpful and willingly subscribe to them. So, what makes push notifications so effective?

Firstly, push notifications are easy to integrate into your strategy, often requiring just a few simple code additions to your website. Furthermore, some providers offer plugins for quick integration into WordPress-based websites.

Secondly, web and in-app push notifications are only sent to users who have opted in to receive them. This ensures that push alerts only reach an interested audience, making the entire experience non-intrusive. Brands can encourage website visitors to subscribe more actively by using customized opt-in requests.

Additionally, it’s easy for users to opt in. They don’t need to share personal details and can subscribe with just a few clicks. Some providers even offer monetization plans that allow you to send messages with ads alongside your brand messages. Unlike other channels, push notifications allow you to control ad frequency, choose ad topics, and increase your project’s profit through additional revenue generated by user interactions with ads.

However, it’s important to understand some peculiarities of push notifications to maximize their effectiveness. For instance, all push notifications have the same design. You can alter text and images and add emojis, but the layout and notification size remain unchanged. This uniformity in message format is crucial to remember when considering image resolution and the number of symbols added to the message.

Also, subscription to push notifications is always linked to a specific browser and device. While tracking and connecting all user accounts across multiple devices can be challenging, it can also ensure better reach. If one device is offline, another will still receive all the messages, boosting user interaction with your brand.

A case study involving Contteudo, a large Brazilian media group, illustrates the effectiveness of push notifications. Despite being familiar with push as a marketing channel, Contteudo struggled with inactive subscribers. However, with strategic guidance from Notix managers involving engaging messages with emojis, scheduling of push notifications, monetization, and appropriate opt-in prompts, Contteudo saw a significant increase in their retention rates within two months.

Notix helped Contteudo amass 3.4 million subscribers within two months, with around 100,000 new users joining daily. The growing number of clicks indicated active and engaged subscribers. Additionally, the Notix monetization plan led to increased ROI and revenue for the media group as subscribers began interacting with ads.

This case study exemplifies the successful utilization of push notifications in enhancing user retention and revenue generation. Brands seeking to leverage this powerful tool are invited to join Notix and build their own push strategy using modern push notification tools.