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“Revolutionizing Marketing: PR Disruptors Unveils Strategy to Ignite Brand Trust”

29 June, 2023

In the realm of marketing, the role of public relations (PR) is often misunderstood and underutilized. This is particularly true in industries such as gym marketing, where gaining more gym members and increasing lead generation can be a challenge. Karla Jo Helms, a renowned crisis management expert and founder of JOTO PR Disruptors, has recently unveiled a strategy aimed at integrating PR into marketing plans to enhance brand credibility and establish thought leadership.

Helms’ approach revolves around the concept of harnessing PR’s power to influence public perception, which she refers to as the fifth ‘p’ in marketing, alongside product, price, place, and promotion. Her strategy involves using targeted communication channels to share a brand’s story with a wide audience, thereby establishing trust and credibility before and during the promotion of a client’s products and services.

A key element of this strategy is the third-party endorsement, which can significantly boost brand goodwill and trust, leading to increased gross income. Helms emphasizes the importance of understanding how much press is needed to make an impact, thereby bridging the gap between marketing and PR.

Brands have more than just products and services to sell; they also have stories to tell. In this information-hungry society, businesses can gain significant exposure by acting as their own ‘internal reporters’. This involves being aware of developments within the company, industry or community that could potentially be newsworthy. This could include the introduction of a new product or service, financial news such as new investors, or the release of research findings.

For instance, in the context of gym marketing, a new fitness program or technology could be promoted through a PR blitz campaign. By garnering interest before, during and after an event such as a fitness conference, gyms can increase their success and attract more gym members.

Helms also highlights the power of real news in gaining exposure. For instance, significant industry changes or legislative updates that affect a client’s product or service can create a surge of media interest. In the context of gym marketing, this could mean leveraging news about health initiatives or studies linking exercise to mental well-being.

JOTO PR Disruptors is extending an invitation to marketing agencies interested in amplifying their clients’ exposure and marketing campaigns by becoming professional affiliates. The organization has already collaborated with four digital marketing agencies across the tech industry and plans to partner with 14 more by 2024.

About JOTO PR Disruptors: Founded by PR veteran Karla Jo Helms, JOTO PR Disruptors is an international public relations agency based in Tampa Bay, Florida. The agency’s unique Anti-PR® campaigns combine crisis management techniques with the latest media algorithms to increase market share and improve return on investment (ROI) for clients year after year.

About Karla Jo Helms: As the Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist for JOTO PR Disruptors™, Karla Jo Helms has extensive experience in crisis management. She has worked with litigation attorneys, private investigators and the media to help restore companies’ reputations. Helms speaks globally on public relations, highlighting how corporations can harness the power of Anti-PR to influence markets and impact public perception.