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Secret Sushi’s Compassionate Job Rejection Strategy Wins Praise

12 September, 2023

In a world where job rejections often feel impersonal and abrupt, Secret Sushi, a digital marketing agency based in Silicon Valley, is earning praise for its considerate approach to turning down applicants. A Reddit user recently posted about her experience with the agency’s rejection process, which included an unexpected token of appreciation — an Amazon gift card.

The Reddit user shared a screenshot of the email she received from Secret Sushi after applying for a managerial role. Instead of the usual generic rejection letter, she was pleasantly surprised to find a $7 Amazon gift card attached. The user described the experience as the most compassionate rejection she had ever received, sparking a wave of online admiration for Secret Sushi.

The email began by expressing gratitude for her interest in the Account Manager/Project Manager position at Secret Sushi. It went on to acknowledge the impressive qualifications and professional background she brought to the table. The company regretfully informed her that another candidate had been chosen for the role, noting the decision was difficult due to the high caliber of applicants like herself.

Furthermore, the email conveyed that her information would be kept on file for future opportunities, closing with a sincere expression of appreciation for her time and effort. It ended on a hopeful note, expressing the possibility of future interactions.

The Reddit user’s post quickly gained traction among social media users. Commenters lauded Secret Sushi’s thoughtful approach to job rejections, contrasting it with companies that often ‘ghost’ applicants. The post, shared just four days ago, has already garnered over 2,000 upvotes.

Reactions in the comments section ranged from admiration to envy. The applicant herself wrote, “It was the best rejection I’ve ever gotten and left me with a smile.” Other users echoed this sentiment, with one stating, “That’s class,” while another expressed, “Most companies just ghost you when they reject you, so this is great.”

Secret Sushi’s approach to job rejections is a testament to their company culture, which prioritizes kindness and respect. It’s a lesson that many businesses, including those in the gym marketing sector, could learn from. By treating potential employees with consideration — even those they don’t hire — companies can generate goodwill and enhance their reputation.

In an industry where attracting more gym members and effective advertising for gyms are paramount, such gestures can make a significant difference. It’s not just about gym lead generation or Facebook Ads; it’s also about creating a positive image that resonates with both potential customers and employees.

In conclusion, Secret Sushi’s compassionate job rejection process serves as a reminder that even in business, kindness matters. It’s a practice that other companies, regardless of their industry, would do well to emulate. Whether it’s digital marketing or gym marketing, treating people with respect and consideration should always be a priority.