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Securing Business Contracts in a Downturn: A Guide for Vendors

13 July, 2023

As the specter of an economic downturn looms large, securing new business contracts becomes increasingly crucial for survival. The competition is fierce, and standing out from the crowd could be the deciding factor in your success. Here are some key strategies to consider when pitching to enterprise companies, particularly in the field of gym marketing and lead generation.

Previously, we’ve discussed navigating the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Now that you’ve reached the presentation stage, it’s time to shift gears. The RFP process provided a structured framework, but it’s important not to get tunnel vision. The project at hand may not play to your strengths, but seeing it through could pave the way for future opportunities. For instance, if you’re a gym marketing expert, you may be tasked with website development. While this isn’t your forte, successfully completing it could lead to more gym members and further marketing and advertising work. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone.

Next, make sure you understand what success looks like for the client. You’ve been given a brief, but as digital marketing professionals, it’s our job to listen and define key performance indicators (KPIs) that can lead to success. The client’s goals might not be directly achievable through online means, but you can bridge this gap with your expertise. Use your understanding of content strategy, ad platforms, and tactics to guide them towards their goals.

The time you spend with the prospective client is your chance to prove that you’re the right choice. Show them that you’re not an unknown entity, but an extension of their organization. Demonstrate how you’ve integrated into other companies’ workflows in the past. Highlight your flexibility in working with diverse industries, company sizes, and workflow demands.

Remember: you’re smart, but so is everyone else. In an era where artificial intelligence is leveling the playing field, your intelligence should be demonstrated by what you can offer that others can’t. What sets you apart from a robot? Discuss your company and team structures, dedicated account staff, internal processes, and why the client will look forward to future meetings with you.

Take advantage of the opportunity to engage with senior company management. Understand their desires, needs, and success metrics. In future, your primary contact may be a middle-manager with limited access to key decision-makers. Make a lasting impression now so they’ll want to speak with you again.

Be careful not to reveal too much during your pitch. While it’s tempting to showcase your digital prowess by presenting a ready-made solution, this could backfire. The client may believe they can implement your idea in-house without needing your services. Acknowledge the problem at hand but stress that the solution requires further research and expertise.

The most successful pitches are those that spark engaging conversations and questions. Show your ability to collaborate, generate ideas quickly, and ask insightful questions. In the world of digital marketing and advertising for gyms, showing off software toolsets won’t win over your audience. Instead, demonstrate how you use these tools creatively to achieve successful results.

Remember: You are the case study. Don’t just boast about impressive metrics; tell a story. Discuss the challenges faced during a project and how your team found solutions and persevered. You don’t have to reveal all your secrets but be prepared to offer quick fixes that can immediately improve the prospect’s website or advertising campaigns.

The pitch process can be stressful and intense as you strive to make the best impression possible. While securing the contract is important, remember this is also an opportunity to learn and grow as a professional in gym lead generation or Facebook ads. Remember these points when entering the boardroom – they could be the difference between winning or losing a contract.