Have you heard the expression “Jack of all trades, but master of none”? Well this applies more than ever to the industry right now.

With the rise of so called ‘Business coaches’, ‘Marketing experts,’ and ‘Personal trainers’ that deliver sub-par results, we’ve built a team of strictly the best specialists in the industry, with real-world ‘In The Trenches’ experience.

The More Gym Members team focus’ their life to the Fitness Industry with a relentless pursuit of results. This means when you want to build a wildly profitable fitness business that provides you with fun & freedom, you have the best of the best to get you there.


Brand Experience

Meet the Team


Riley is a 6x Gym Owner and the founder of MGM. His journey began at age 4, when he turned a profit selling discounted chocolate to family members. His professional trajectory took him from Mechatronic Engineering to eCommerce with Feirto, co-founding a sales and marketing firm, and ultimately pursuing his true passion – Fitness business.

In recent years, Riley has dedicated himself to supporting gym owners and personal trainers in growing their businesses. With an insatiable drive for improvement, he’s rapidly ascended to become one of the world’s foremost fitness marketing experts, earning multiple awards. Riley has also returned to his roots in Mechatronic Engineering, where he leads a team of 150 developers in creating AI-powered platforms that are transforming the industry. His latest success, Zian.ai, is revolutionizing fitness industry marketing like never before.

Madeleine Ponini, CEO

Meet Madeleine, the visionary CEO at MGM, boasting an impressive 16-year journey through the dynamic world of marketing, with a laser focus on helping Gym Owners excel. Her formidable skill set includes masterful Gym growth strategies, adept brand management, lead generation wizardry, end-to-end campaign mastery, and the art of curating compelling, customized content.

Madeleine has her finger on the industry’s pulse and is passionate about relentless learning, pioneering innovation, and delivering stellar results for clients. Every client receives the VIP treatment, as she’s resolutely committed to empowering our fitness partners to achieve remarkable turnarounds through meticulously crafted marketing campaigns that consistently deliver unparalleled ROI. Her exceptional leadership not only drives marketing excellence but also inspires teams to explore new horizons and embrace innovative approaches.

Beau Zorko, Business Coach

Beau is best known by clients as ‘Legend’ due to his unparalleled enthusiasm and passion for helping business owners succeed. In 2009 he took the bold step of managing a fitness studio, growing the business from scratch to a multiple 6-figure business with a team of trainers. He then opened a second and repeated the process with even better results.

In search for a new challenge, Beau gained his coaching qualifications and moved into the field of consulting. His mission – to help and guide fellow personal trainers to achieve their own success in this industry. For the past 8 years, Beau has specialised in helping personal trainers all over the world, offering a range of programs and tools to help trainers gain more clients, streamline their business systems and build the businesses and lifestyle they deserve.

Matthew Boon, Sales Sniper

Matt is an ex Special Forces Commando and has previously owned 18x Gyms! His passion lies in fitness, sales and hard work.

Having owned many small group training studios before selling them, Matt is an expert in scaling in rapid pace and selling both high and low end fitness packages over the phone up to and above $100,000 per sale.

Patrick Jones, Limitless Leader

Patrick has spent the last 15 years being widely sought after by businesses across the globe, for his exceptional ability to lead, think strategically, and create powerful change in those whom he effects.

Having grown his own very successful fitness business among others, Patrick is a highly trained Consultant, Coach and Leader for those seeking to develop and improve themselves and their business, helping you become your best you.

Monique Kiernan, Head of Customer Operations

Monique is an experienced manager with a passion for digital marketing and a qualified personal trainer with an instinct for smart business. She is constantly thinking outside the square having won various awards for projects in both innovation in safety.

Monique’s additional strengths include customer relationship management, research, copywriting, and strategic planning to keep up with the ever changing market. She’s a results driven professional who excitedly pairs her love of the health and fitness industry with savvy digital marketing skills.

Sian Elizabeth, AI Integration Specialist

Archaeologist, Ancient Historian, Actress, Adventurer, Sales Genius, and now a valuable member of our A-Team!

Sian has consistently delivered rapid results for forward-thinking businesses over the last 6 years, surpassing targets with ease. Her stellar team specializes in assisting clients in seamlessly integrating AI into their fitness businesses, making them more efficient and profitable.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Ryan Nicholas, Gym Growth Specialist

Ryan “The Change Maker” has been a gym owner himself, and opens the door to our program for Gyms, PT’s & Coaches. He has a talent for connecting them with their goals and what they want to achieve most. Ryan is passionate about guiding people as they make future-changing decisions for themselves and their business.

Pavel Anisimov, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Expert

Pavel is one of Russia’s finest and most expensive technology and data science geniuses with experience ranging from Microsoft to Google, Banking to Telecom, Blockchain to Social Media.

Pavel loves giving More Gym Members clients an unfair advantage in the marketplace, by allowing all advertising across 150+ Gyms every week to be accurately measured and calculated through MGM proprietary artificial intelligent programs, for the highest possible return in ad spend available.

Mandy Singh, Senior Client Success Manager

Mandy is an artist and an avid explorer, she likes to call herself “a citizen of the world” having visited 24 countries within the last couple of years. With a true passion for marketing, she learned to build and monetise websites at a young age and later on expanded her knowledge of digital marketing.

With a proven track-record in generating strong results in the past 7 years, Mandy has also had the opportunity to develop advertising campaigns for some of the world’s largest retailers like Costco and Best Buy. Some of her specialties include social media marketing, content creation, and lead generation.

April Maribao, Customer Success Engineer

Meet April, our dedicated Customer Success Engineer. With a passion for both technology and people, April is the bridge between our cutting-edge solutions and our valued clients.

Armed with a deep understanding of our products and a commitment to ensuring our clients’ success, April goes above and beyond to provide personalized support, troubleshoot issues, and maximize the value our clients derive from our technology.

April is your trusted partner on your journey towards achieving your business goals, always ready to lend a helping hand and ensure your experience with our solutions is nothing short of exceptional.