Have you heard the expression “Jack of all trades, but master of none”? Well this applies more than ever to the industry right now.

With the rise of so called ‘Business coaches’, ‘Marketing experts,’ and ‘Personal trainers’ that deliver sub-par results, we’ve built a team of strictly the best specialists in the industry, with real-world ‘In The Trenches’ experience.

The More Gym Members team focus’ their life to the Fitness Industry with a relentless pursuit of results. This means when you want to build a wildly profitable fitness business that provides you with fun & freedom, you have the best of the best to get you there.


Brand Experience

Meet the Team


Riley is a Gym Owner and the founder of MGM.
His entrepreneurial quest began at age 4, buying chocolate on sale before selling it to family for a profit. He has since continued to live a life passionate about business, beginning his professional career in Mechatronic Engineering only to leave and start an eCommerce business, Feirto. He then moved on to co-found a sales & marketing company, which finally lead to his real passion – Fitness business.

For the last few years, Riley has devoted his life to helping gym owners and personal trainers fill their businesses. With an aggressive hunger to constantly improve, he has quickly risen to one of the top fitness marketing experts in Australia and is the system architect behind many of the industries most successful launches, including Iron Body’s well-known ‘140 PT clients in 64 days’ campaign.

Beau Zorko

Beau is best known by clients as ‘Legend’ due to his unparalleled enthusiasm and passion for helping business owners succeed. In 2009 he took the bold step of managing a fitness studio, growing the business from scratch to a multiple 6-figure business with a team of trainers. He then opened a second and repeated the process with even better results.

In search for a new challenge, Beau gained his coaching qualifications and moved into the field of consulting. His mission – to help and guide fellow personal trainers to achieve their own success in this industry. For the past 8 years, Beau has specialised in helping personal trainers all over the world, offering a range of programs and tools to help trainers gain more clients, streamline their business systems and build the businesses and lifestyle they deserve.

Madeleine Ponini

Say hello to Madeleine, our Marketing Manager at MGM. Madeleine brings to the team over 13 years’ of marketing experience across a broad range of industries. Her specialities include brand management, unique lead generation campaigns, end-to-end campaign management and specially crafted content.

With an ear to the ground, she’s passionate about learning, being innovative and driving great results for clients. Madeleine treats every client like a VIP, and is determined to help our fitness clients turn things around through quality marketing campaigns that deliver the best possible ROI.

Jason Mottlee

Jason Mottlee is a long-time Personal Trainer himself, selling his signature programs for $2500 upfront with a 91% close rate. He’s personally trained over 216 Personal Trainers and spent the last 2 years leading 19 PT’s for a Goodlife Health Club.

Jason is most famous for his ability to take your program package, add a zero, and then still help you sell more than before at the new 10x price. Best known by clients as “Big Dawg” for his unquestionable ability to get results, Jason is one of the world’s most effective fitness sales experts.

Matthew Boon

Matt is an ex Special Forces Commando and ex 18x Gym Owner, with a passion for fitness, sales and hard work.

Having previously owned many small group training studios before selling them, Matt is an expert in selling both high and low end fitness packages over the phone, and scaling in rapid pace.