Brand Experience


“They flooded in 140 new clients within 64 days of marketing... The results have been amazing!”


"172 clients have joined our Project since opening the gym 3 months ago. Anyone who wants to grow should contact Riley NOW!"


“I tripled my investment… And I can not say that’s ever happened with anything else”


“In total I've signed up 55 new girls… Such a relief cause I was seriously contemplating giving up on Personal Training.”


“I've worked with a whole heap of so called 'fitness marketing experts'... And the only person who has actually given a shit about me and my goals has been Riley.”


“I didn't really have a business... I had a building with some people in it. We got down to 16 members before getting help, now we have over 50.”


"I was ready to leave the industry entirely... But now I'm been adding 5 new clients a week, have hired a trainer under me, and am looking at a second one now."


"I'd been struggling... So I got Riley on board, and within just 21 days he brought me an extra $7,000 and an 18x return on Adspend."


"I own 3 gyms and things hadn't been going well recently... Our own marketing wasn't working anymore, the 4 'marketing companies' we had tried didn't work, and my anxiety to make payroll was creeping up! Thankyou so much to Riley and the team for delivering such an amazing service and giving me peace of mind."

Robert Freeme, Fitranx

"When I started my business I knew I could rely on Jason... I went from nothing to 40 sessions a week in less than 3 months. It's great, I highly recommend joining."


"It takes many trainers years to hit 6 figures, but I went from 0-60 sessions/w within 2 months! I had to hire a sub contractor to help."


"More Gym Members has provided FAR MORE leads than ANYONE else, and with their help I've been able to take my first holiday in 3.5 years!"


"They've helped us double our membership base and TRIPLE our revenue within 8 weeks! We're so thankful to be working with the amazing team at MGM."

Patrick & Hi Lal, Evolving Physiques

"$58,506 and 98 new clients in just 12 weeks... I'm very happy! If you want help, just do it!"


"When we first opened it was really tough. We just weren't getting enough leads! I worked with a few other marketing companies before coming across More Gym Members, and over the last 6 months we've signed up 163 new clients into our small group training! Very thankful for our progress."

Chris Turner, Zone

Our Clients

Want to hear from people on the receiving end of our business? Well here you are! Check out some stories from our awesome clients.

Marcus Wilkinson, Iron Body

Marcus is the passionate entrepreneur behind the Iron Body empire. Before working with him, he was already a 7-figure business owner with his two 2 extremely successful Personal Training Studios. This hungry coach has won many awards and through client success, even carries 3 Miss Universe titles under his belt!

With two studios already going well, Marcus wanted to explode business growth, fill the two studios to max capacity and open his own large premium gym.

With help from More Gym Members, Marcus was able to quickly do that. With 64 days of active lead generation, a total of 140 PT clients were added to the business, producing an additional $39,200/m in revenue.

His new premium gym quickly sold all 100 foundation memberships and filled up 8 trainers with Personal Training clients. Listen to Marcus’ account of it all below.


Scott Rodriguez, Stoneway Crossfit

Scott is the owner of two Crossfit gyms in the US. A very passionate and giving man, he really wanted to grow his business, help more people, and take his wife on a holiday to Bali!

Marcus had worked with many different types of growth-companies before, such as Rev-share, Agency and Business-Coaching models, but with little success.

After being burned multiple times, Scott was still eager to grow, and after following Riley’s content for some time he finally reached out for help.

Within just the first week 42 new leads came in and Scott had already tripled his investment!

Leisa Desailly, LD Personal Training

Leisa is a lovely selfless mum living in rural NSW, Australia. She operates her own female training studio as she has done for years, but was suffering at the hands of a new gym in her area.

The new gym offered cheaper rates and more equipment, but ultimately very little client support or focus on results. This cheaper price had driven many of her girls to leave, and redirected a lot of her lead flow into their own business.

After battling with this for a year, Leisa was ready to give up and get a cafe job, just to pay the bills. Fortunately, in a final effort to save her business and passion, she let Riley take the reigns.

Within the first 3 weeks 14 new girls had been signed up on direct debit! A new campaign was then put together, and in the month that followed 41 new girls gushed into the business!

Leisa now enjoys working on her passion – transforming women’s lives. With the freedom, flexibility and income she now has, Leisa often gets involved in charity, community events and is now the town superstar.

Angus Fairbairn, Boss Fitness, Barbells & Burgers

Angus is the owner of Boss Fitness, focusing on Female transformations, and Barbells & Burgers, focusing on Male transformations.

Like many, he started as a personal trainer working out of a gym. Over the years he has invested in many coaches and marketing agencies, some even charging as much as $12k and only producing EMAIL (not phone) opt-ins for $25 each.

Despite his challenges, Angus was still hungry to take his business to the next level, and invested in More Gym Members. Finally. calls were being scheduled with him daily so he could get on the phone and sell!

The biggest relief for Angus has been finally working with someone who actually gives a shit. Rather than just taking his money and screwing him like others have done, he gets someone who cares about him, his business, and wants to see him change and effect more lives.


Jacquie Mync, World Gym

Jacquie is an IFBB pro and fitness business owner. Previously, Jacquie was working for Go Health Clubs at Nundah. We had however often talked about the idea of packing up and relocating her entire business to Burleigh World Gym on the Gold Coast.

In June 2018 she made the move and started her business again from scratch. We worked closely together to implement ideas, strategies, systems and processes to help Jacquie accelerate her business growth.

In just under 3 months she was sitting on 40+ sessions per week. Our focus now continues around the idea of building her online fitness coaching and branding.

James Bartolo, JB Transformations

How James added 98 clients and collected $58,506 in 3 months, just on the front end!

James, like many, had worked with a number of ‘marketing experts’ before. Some fitness specialists, some general, but all of them with average results. However within the first phone call with us he was enrolled… No surprise, an action taker like James crushed it.

Like most clients (others take fine tuning), the campaign launched with a bang… This one with 10+ leads per day at just $1.50 each!

The secret is having a strong front end offer and solid sales process. In James’ case he wanted to target women 25-55, so we launched an “8 Week Exhausted To Energised Project” to drive applications to work with him. 98 buyers in 3 months… This is what happens when you place a proven, custom-tailored campaign in front of a starving market – They buy!

The $58,506 immediately added to the bank (WITHOUT a bait and switch), is just on the front. James then went on to (and continues to) upsell 75% of 8 week ‘challenge’ participants onto long term Direct Debit Membership for group training.

But don’t just take it from us, listen to James here…

Lianna Linton, PT at Goodlife

How Lianna scaled from 0-6 figures in 2 months, and had to hire her first coach!

Lianna returned to Australia after living in Thailand, with the goal of rebuilding her personal training business from scratch as fast as possible. So she asked two highly successful Fitpro’s she respected who to reach out to… Both happened to point to Riley (they are MGM clients) – So it’s fair to say she didn’t hesitate!

The fact is, we have fine tuned the art of high-ticket fitness lead generation to such an art that we offer a unique high-ticket lead generation service like no other company. All leads are taken through an APPLICATION process to work with you, and we SKIP low-barrier offers all together. We have some guys selling $4,000 16 week packages, others selling $10,000 6-12 month packages, straight within the first consult.

But – Don’t take my word for it.

See what Lianna says about us helping pump sales for her 12 week transformation packages, to the point she had to hire her first sub-contractor to handle the demand!

Patrick & Hi Lal, Evolving Physiques

Patrick & Hi Lal DOUBLED their client based and TRIPLED their reoccurring revenue within 8 weeks!

Before Patrick signed up with us, he said to Riley “Man… I want to be the best success story you’ve got. I’ll work my face of and do as you say but we really just need help.” And work he did…

We helped them raise their prices to charge what they are really worth, helped them dramatically improve the marketing and sales systems, and build their tribe. Riley recorded this call on week 8 of doing their marketing, which at that point in time had already doubled their client base and tripled their revenue!

Quinten Wiegers, Living Well

Quinten wanted to launch his 7th gym with something different, so he came to More Gym Members for our unique in-depth understanding of the fitness industry and ability to make clients STAND OUT without copy/pasting the same rubbish as everyone else.

A crucial marketing element most gym owners and ‘experts’ miss is segmenting your market into niches.

Think of everyone within 5 miles of your business, say, 100,000 people as a barrel of fish. We only get one first shot at catching these fish so we have to make it count! After the first attempt, the ‘wow’ effect declines and they begin to zone us out.

So, we need every first impression to be hyper-targeted specifically to that person, so it resonates. In simplest terms, this means people over 50 seeing specific 50+ campaigns, photos and images, and women 30-50 seeing specifically photos of women 30-50 and talking in THEIR language, etc…

Once we’ve divided your market into, say 4 barrels of fish, we can target one at a time and suck it dry. The same way we have to limit over-fishing of the oceans or it takes too long to replenish for the next season, we have to target one barrel of fish at time to give the others a break.

In Quinten’s case this meant targeting women 25-45 until they were absolutely sick of us and not a single lead was left, before switching to men 25-45 to give the women a complete break, and so on… This ‘Niche cycling’ is one of the many ways we get stronger results than most ‘marketing companies’ in the fitness industry.

The net result? 172 new clients into group training. Oh – And did I mention my writing was translated from English to Dutch for his market, and still worked AMAZING?

Check out what Quinten has to say here:

Chris Turner, Zone

Chris came to us after opening the gym 6 months earlier. There wasn’t enough new clients coming in to cover the high rent he pays, and things weren’t looking great for the future. Yet – Over the last 6 months we’ve signed up 163 new clients for small-group training!

We prefer for a business owner to come to us before they’re making a ‘last-ditch effort’, but this was one of those times. There just weren’t enough leads coming in and things needed to improve ASAP.

Our first month launching we signed up 21 new clients. Every month steadily improved on itself until, at the time of this recording, 47 new clients were signed up in that single month to total 163 over 6 months.

Chris is a fantastic gym owner and extremely dedicated – it’s been a pleasure working with him so far and we look forward to the years to come.