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Easy Ways To Market Your Gym

October 04, 2021 It is vital to market your fitness club, regardless of whether you have a small gym or a large chain. Word-of-mouth marketing can account for most of your member acquisition and gym business growth… Read More >

Which Gym Industry Leaders Should You Be Following on Instagram?

September 27, 2021 There has never been a better time to live an active, healthy lifestyle, in large part thanks to fitness influencers. In addition to all the credible influencers sharing workout tips on social media, there… Read More >

5 Low-cost Ways To Promote Your Gym

September 20, 2021 As a business, your gym faces fierce competition in this rapidly expanding industry. Regardless of how amazing your in-house perks and features are, it can be quite challenging to keep new members coming consistently… Read More >

Fitness Marketing: Client Financed Aquisition

June 12, 2020 One thing Gym Owners consistently misinterpret about their fitness marketing is their Return On Investment when scaling quickly, and fail to measure their two SEPARATE engines of growth accordingly. Here’s the thing – It’s… Read More >


May 21, 2020 Understandably tracking data on your fitness sales daily or even weekly may be something completely new to you, and so it can be difficult and overwhelming, I get it. See over the years something… Read More >

Gym Promotion Ideas That Work!

February 23, 2020 Are you stuck for ideas around Gym Promotions that work? With Gyms, PT Studios and Health Centre’s popping up on every corner, the Fitness Industry sure can be a competitive one. Marketing the old-fashioned… Read More >

Effective Time Management For Fitness Coaches

January 29, 2020 You can always get more money, but you can’t get more time!” There has been no wiser word spoken about effective time management for Fitness Coaches than this from one of the all-time greats… Read More >

5 Gym SMS Templates You Should Be Using

January 16, 2020 SMS can be a very valuable tool for a fitness business. It allows you to communicate with both prospective and current members, and since we are all busy texting, posting and tweeting away these… Read More >

How To Re-Engage Old Fitness Client Leads

December 23, 2019 Tips On Attaining Your Old Fitness Client’s Have you got a long list of leads that you have been unsuccessful in getting across the line to join your gym (or take up your PT… Read More >