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The simple way to create a high ticket offer and 4x your price

January 29, 2019 Let’s talk high ticket offers… There’s a lot of people who offer classes, a couple PT sessions, some nutrition guidance, etc for maybe $30-60 per week. You’re left competing on price, trying to help… Read More >

We’ve all heard “Ad Fatigue” kills campaigns but nobody is talking about AUDIENCE FATIGUE.

January 13, 2019 In the same way farmers cycle their livestock through paddocks as to not over-graze the pasture, YOU must cycle your audiences. It works like this…   CARVE your audience into individual ‘barrels of fish’ which you… Read More >

Why do most fitness ads suck?

December 04, 2018 Okay Riley, why DO most fitness ads suck?   It comes down to three questions: “Is this new or a commodity? So what? Will this work for me?”   This is where 99.9% of… Read More >

Gym Gains 45 Reviews With One Magic Email

July 27, 2018 It was 2:31 PM on a Thursday when I decided it was time to dramatically increase the number of reviews for a new client of mine, James, owner of FitnFirm Gym. Taking over all… Read More >


July 27, 2018 I see 90% of Fitness business owners and businesses in general make the same mistakes every time with their Facebook advertising. Unfortunately, it is hurting them more than they realise. Even if you think… Read More >


July 27, 2018 Let’s talk real quick about gaining leads for your fitness business. You want more leads. Of course you do, you need them to live. Yet it’s one of the most difficult things to obtain…. Read More >

5 Ways Your Fitness Business Is Ruining Lead Generation… And How To Fix

July 27, 2018 I can sure see why you might want to do it. You know what I mean. Sending traffic to your website, asking for a bunch of details from the prospect… But too many do… Read More >

Attract New Clients And Retain Existing Ones With 3 Simple Facebook Posts

July 25, 2018 As a business, your job has always been to add value and help those who come to you. So for fitness businesses, the answer is pretty simple. People want 3 major benefits of using… Read More >