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Accenture Acquires Award-Winning Tech Editor Jixie from Singapore

23 March, 2024

In an era where robust digital presence has become indispensable, businesses seek innovative solutions to harness the power of technology in their marketing strategies. The acquisition of Jixie by global professional services company Accenture marks a pivotal step toward reinforcing these efforts. By incorporating Jixie’s intelligent digital marketing platform into their broadened spectrum of services, Accenture is set to significantly augment their marketing transformation capabilities, particularly in the vibrant landscape of Indonesia.

Jixie, a forerunner in the tech journalism domain based in Singapore, has carved a niche for itself by delivering an expansive suite of tools aimed at marketing growth and monetization. Notably, Jixie’s platform is designed as a dynamic advertising ecosystem, bringing together publishers and brand owners in an endeavor to co-create solutions rooted in reliable customer insights. This synergy simplifies the marketing process and empowers clients to adopt a strategic approach to their marketing, thereby enhancing simplicity and safeguarding the integrity of brand safety, consumer data, and privacy.

The fusion of Jixie into Accenture’s tech-forward creative group, Accenture Song, stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to deliver personalized customer experiences. This integration is paramount for Indonesian clients striving to bolster customer engagement, which is fundamentally tied to the trajectory of sustainable business growth. Indonesia’s digital economy is on a steep rise, expected to skyrocket to a colossal US$146 billion by 2025, with projections showing an eightfold increase by 2030. This forward momentum provides fertile ground for transformative solutions like Jixie to flourish under the expansive umbrella of Accenture Song.

Jayant Bhargava, country managing director for Accenture in Indonesia, highlighted the significance of this merger. “In this interconnected digital world, the fusion of marketing, data science, and technology unfolds new possibilities for businesses to revamp their customer engagement models,” Bhargava noted. “Jixie’s intelligent digital marketing solutions complement our existing technology prowess, creating a powerful combination that will enhance the precision and personalization of marketing initiatives.”

Publishers leveraging Jixie’s platform can tap into advanced monetization tools, including header-bidding solutions and performance marketing strategies aimed at amplifying advertising yields. Moreover, brands stand to gain from the ability to integrate and elevate content securely, thereby capitalizing on valuable insights to forge unique and resonant brand connections. Through Jixie, publishers have the potential to double their monetization outcomes, while brand owners can expect marked enhancements in campaign click-through and conversion rates, further enriched by deeper customer data insights.

Accenture Song’s Indonesia lead, Joseph Tan, emphasized the transformative impact of data in today’s digital economy and the disruptions within the digital media ecosystem, such as the anticipated phase-out of third-party cookies. “Jixie represents a significant platform that magnifies publishers’ capabilities and streamlines the digital marketing experience,” Tan said. “Accenture Song’s investment in Jixie extends our data-led commerce and marketing transformation initiatives in Indonesia, aligning our clients with highly relevant and results-oriented solutions that are crucial for enduring business prosperity.”

Vincent Martin, co-founder and managing director of Jixie, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s trajectory. “We’ve witnessed Jixie’s proven marketing performance prowess and the formation of an ecosystem that resonates with advertisers seeking impactful campaigns,” Martin remarked. “The next logical stride for us is to scale our operations. We’re ecstatic to join forces with Accenture and play a role in shaping a more sustainable media industry, one that optimizes the use of data to benefit customers.”

With a history of strategic investments, Accenture Song’s acquisition of Jixie’s business in Southeast Asia reinforces their position to help clients evolve and remain relevant to their customers now and into the unpredictable future. This acquisition is another significant investment in Indonesia, closely following the acquisition of Romp, and comes on the heels of Accenture Song’s recent move to acquire Rabbit’s Tale in Thailand.

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