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Bodhisatva Ganguli Rumored to Step Down from The Economic Times

22 March, 2024

In the dynamic world of media and journalism, movements within the industry often provoke speculation and discussion. The Economic Times, one of India’s leading financial newspapers, is currently at the center of such buzz—with rumors circulating about the future of Bodhisatva Ganguli within the organization.

Despite industry whispers suggesting that Bodhisatva Ganguli is on the verge of stepping down from his advisory role at The Economic Times, claims of his departure remain unconfirmed. Ganguli, a notable figure in the realm of financial journalism, has been associated with the publication for nearly 25 years. His journey with the paper began in February 1999, underscoring an impressive tenure that saw the enhancement of the publication’s credibility, authenticity, and trustworthiness.

In a bid to verify the claims, when an inquiry was made to Ganguli regarding his status, he addressed the rumors head-on by stating, “I am not resigning.” Furthermore, efforts to reach Sivakumar Sundaram, the CEO and Executive Director of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. (BCCL)—which owns The Economic Times—for commentary were not immediately fruitful.

Having played several vital roles at The Economic Times and being at the epicenter of its editorial evolution, Ganguli’s potential exit would mark the end of a notable chapter in the newspaper’s history. Ganguli previously honed his expertise as The Executive Editor of the paper for about a decade. Before that, he served as Head of the Corporate Bureau in Mumbai, moved on to Edit-Page Editor, and in 2008, was appointed the Resident Editor of the Mumbai edition.

Bodhisatva Ganguli’s journalistic prowess was not confined to The Economic Times; he honed his skills at Business India magazine from July 1991 until he joined ET in February 1999. With an academic background that includes graduating in Economics from Presidency College, Kolkata, and postgraduate work from Delhi School of Economics, Ganguli’s understandings of economics and business have undoubtedly influenced his editorial approach.

It is worth noting that in September 2023, it was reported that Bodhisatva Ganguli would ease away from the operational and administrative tasks within The Economic Times to embrace a more strategic role. This shift positioned him as a mentor and guide for the publication’s leadership team—underscoring his continued influence and presence within the organization. Meanwhile, Sruthijith K K stepped into the role of Executive Editor, and while Shishir Prasad serves as the Editor at ET Prime, Javed Sayed, an Associate Executive Editor, ended his tenure with the paper in the previous year.

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Amid the noise and speculations, stakeholders and observers alike will be watching closely to see what the next chapter holds for Bodhisatva Ganguli and The Economic Times. The impact of any movement within the ranks of such an esteemed publication reverberates beyond its own corridors, influencing the broader sphere of media, marketing, and beyond. For now, the industry watches and waits as one of its long-standing icons contemplates his next move in the chess game that is media leadership.