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C & D Advertising Welcomes Cristi Kaido As Digital-Marketing Manager

22 March, 2024

Cristi Kaido Joins the Ranks of C & D Advertising as New Manager

In a notable enhancement to its leadership team, C & D Advertising, a full-service marketing agency, has recently embraced the expertise of Cristi Kaido, appointing her as the new digital marketing manager. With a work history embellished by a decade of successful experiences in the marketing and sales domains, Kaido has demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for driving growth and fostering innovation.

Cristi Kaido’s career trajectory began with the Boy Scouts of America, an organization respected for its commitment to the development of youth. There, Kaido honed her competencies in marketing, fundraising, and event management. This comprehensive set of skills laid a sturdy foundation for her future endeavors in the industry.

Transitioning into higher education, Kaido contributed significantly to Utica University’s alumni department. Her work in this arena primarily revolved around fundraising activities, where her initiatives and strategies notably supported the department’s goals.

Building upon her experience, Kaido then advanced to Northern Safety and Industrial, taking on the role of digital marketing analyst. At Northern Safety, Kaido’s analytical acumen and strategic insight shaped her efforts to boost the company’s digital presence and marketing effectiveness.

Furthering her career in marketing, Kaido joined the team at MINDSCAPE, where her capabilities and leadership qualities shined brightly. Her exemplary performance quickly saw her rise from client-success analyst to paid campaign manager and, ultimately, to the responsibilities of a project manager. In each progressive role, Kaido excelled by leveraging her growing expertise in digital campaigns and project implementation.

Despite her demanding professional schedule, Kaido has melded her passion for fitness and marketing in her dual role as a personal trainer at Kabari Wellness Institute and a marketing manager at Franca’s Wine Room, where she also serves as a bartender. These roles highlight her versatile skill set and commitment to diverse ventures.

C & D Advertising stands as a beacon among marketing agencies with its integrated and strategic approach to Gym Marketing and Advertising For Gyms. Providing an array of services, from business-strategy planning to media buying, and from robust social media campaigns to impactful video and graphic design, C & D tailors its offerings to the unique needs of its clients ensuring More Gym Members through effective Gym Lead Generation. As the landscape of digital marketing continues to evolve, the agency remains steadfast in adopting innovative techniques and trends, such as crafting compelling Facebook Ads that resonate with the target audience.

The president of C & D Advertising, Jenn Brillante, welcomes Kaido to the team, recognizing that her strategic vision and proven track record are major assets that will contribute to the agency’s continued growth and excellence. Kaido’s diverse experiences and results-driven mindset perfectly align with the agency’s mission to deliver superior marketing solutions.

Kaido’s arrival at C & D Advertising marks a new chapter in the agency’s pursuit of marketing mastery. Her extensive background, paired with her dynamic approach to marketing strategy and analytics, positions her as a key player poised to drive the success of both the agency and its valued clients.

C & D Advertising, with its commitment to innovation and client satisfaction, looks forward to the fresh perspectives and vigorous dedication Kaido will bring to the team. Her fusion of analytical prowess and creative energy is expected to spark new ideas and optimized strategies in the campaigns and projects she will steer.

In a rapidly changing digital world, the importance of having a seasoned professional to navigate the intricate realms of marketing cannot be overstated. Cristi Kaido’s joining of C & D Advertising is more than a new appointment—it’s a signal of the agency’s enduring commitment to providing exceptional marketing services that resonate with audiences and deliver tangible results.