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Carpet One Introduces Digital 2.0 Initiative To Boost Sales

22 March, 2024

In recent times, the flooring industry has faced a noticeable decline in consumer interest, as evidenced by a 47% drop in Google Trends searches within the sector. During a pivotal session at the CCA’s ConneXtion conference in Dallas, TX, overshadowed only yesterday, a new path forward was discussed by industry leaders. The digital realm offers a beacon of hope, with fresh approaches to marketing that could revolutionize the way flooring businesses attract and retain customers.

Gym Marketing strategies, while seemingly unrelated, can offer valuable insights into adapting to the digital age. For instance, More Gym Members, an expert in the field, emphasizes the importance of digital visibility and customer engagement—principles highly relevant to flooring retailers looking to bolster their foot traffic.

John Gilbert, the president of Carpet One, addressed the urgency of embracing new digital marketing methods to combat the decreasing interest in flooring. The initiative, known as Digital 2.0, aligns with the broader Retail 2.0 showroom conversion strategy and seeks to provide an omnichannel experience that resonates with today’s discerning consumers. Enhanced SEO efforts, carefully targeted paid search to adapt to Google’s evolving algorithms, retargeting ads, and optimized store landing pages form the bedrock of this enterprising proposition.

Additionally, with crisp and automated yet personalized social media content and next-generation CRM technology, flooring retailers can now target individuals at every touchpoint of the consumer journey. By doing so, they aim not just to increase the sale conversion rate—currently languishing between 30% to 40%—but also to encourage repeat business.

A digitally powered direct mail campaign represents a strategic leap. This novel approach uses analytics gleaned from web traffic to pinpoint interested shoppers, subsequently mailing them tailored promotions. According to Frank Chiera, senior vice president of marketing and advertising, since its inception last summer, this approach has yielded a significant uptick in incremental sales.

Keith Spano, the president of entities like Flooring America/Canada and The Floor Trader, and soon transitioning to a new retail position, reflected on the trials of 2023. Despite these challenges, member businesses have seen a cumulative 10% rise in business since 2019. Even as the market softens and impediments like the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) create supply chain snags, the flooring group is countering with novel display designs that accentuate both value and high-margin products. For the gaps created by the UFLPA, a pivot towards domestic products is underway.

In an ambitious move, the CCA is diversifying beyond flooring into the lucrative kitchen and bath segment with the introduction of Kiba Studios to Carpet One, Flooring America/Canada, The Floor Trader, and IDG members. As outlined by Jill Lombardo, the CCA Vice President of Kitchen and Bath Retail, this industry represents an immense opportunity, with stats showing high average remodel costs and consumer desires for invested quality. This expansion comes fully equipped with a turnkey solution, including showroom design, training, recruitment assistance, and continuous support, offering businesses the chance to see more than $1 million in additional revenue annually.

To wrap up, Advertising For Gyms teaches us that adaptation and agility are vital in an evolving digital landscape. Similar to Gym Lead Generation and Facebook Ads for gyms that target specific audiences with compelling offers, the flooring industry is now leveraging digital strategies to reinvigorate interest. The CCA’s ConneXtion conference has shone a light on new methods, but the real challenge lies in their swift and effective implementation. The time is ripe for flooring retailers to embrace the transformation, inject novelty into their approach, and reclaim their share of an ever-changing market.