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Why You Need A Gym Sales Funnel + Ways To Make It Easy

October 19, 2022 The process a prospect must go through in order to become one of your customers is known as a sales funnel. As the owner of a fitness business, having the prospect sign up as… Read More >

Keep Your Gym Members Motivated With These Goldmines

October 18, 2022 What causes gym members to lose motivation? To begin with, they have irregular schedules, unrealistic goals, or simply no one to hold them accountable for their success or lack thereof. But unlike the fuel… Read More >

The Importance Of Vision When Branding Your Gym

October 17, 2022 The vision for your gym branding reveals who you truly are, where you’re headed in the world and helps to humanise your company. In short, it encourages clients to stick with you because of… Read More >

Resetting & Recharging As A Fitness Business Owner

October 14, 2022 We know you run a tight ship.  This means that it can be challenging to find the time you need to take a break from your fitness business and recharge your batteries as the… Read More >

Our Top Tips For Closing A Gym Sale

October 13, 2022 Gym members will always come and go, so it’s vital to stay on top of prospecting and the sales process. The success depends on your ability to close a gym sale successfully.  Members are… Read More >

How To Start A Gym Referral Program

October 12, 2022 Starting a gym referral program is a logical method for motivating members to recommend your gym to others. People frequently discuss the goods and services they adore and value. The goal is to reward… Read More >

3 Simple Referral Tools For Your Gym

October 11, 2022 Attracting new gym members is one of the biggest issues that the majority of business owners and fitness professionals deal with. Opening a gym is not enough; you also need to reel in the… Read More >

10 Super-Effective E-mail Marketing Tips

October 10, 2022 In our previous blog article, we looked at the importance of email marketing for your gym and why you need to work it into your marketing strategy. This brings us to the next thing… Read More >

Top E-mail Marketing Tips For Your Gym

October 07, 2022 You have the fitness routines, resources, and nutritious recipes to help people be the best versions of themselves. Next, you need a platform like email marketing for gyms to spread the word about your… Read More >