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Channel99 Launches View-Through Technology for B2B Marketing Transparency

23 March, 2024

Unlocking the Power of View-Through Technology for Enhanced B2B Digital Marketing

The digital marketing realm is on the cusp of a game-changing evolution with the advent of novel view-through technology designed to aggrandize transparency in B2B digital initiatives. This breakthrough, crafted with the unique exigencies of B2B programs in mind, promises a leap forward in comprehending and optimizing marketing strategies.

Bringing about a sea change in how digital campaigns are scrutinized, this technology steps away from reliance on cookies to offer a universal impression pixel that marketers can seamlessly blend into their digital campaigns. This integration spans an array of platforms, including preeminent names such as Microsoft and Google, empowering marketers to gain invaluable insights into pivotal aspects such as engagement and the eventual influence on the sales pipeline and closure of new deals.

For marketers eager to put this advancement to the test, there is an inviting proposition to trial the platform. During this testing phase, participants can upload their bespoke B2B audiences, configure multiple pixels, and gauge performance across up to one million impressions at no cost.

This pioneering view-through and verification technology forges a connection between a customer’s digital interactions – from ads and whitepapers to emails – and the corresponding engagement on the website. Through this, marketers gain a holistic perspective of an account’s journey, spanning from initial interest to final deal closure.

Introduced recently, the backbone of this technology is a sophisticated ‘Account Identity Network,’ a product of selective integration of the industry’s top echelon of data sources. This network is designed to discern between genuine account activity and automated bots, enabling marketers to delineate genuine account engagement.

The implications of this technology are profound, as highlighted by Uzair Dada, CEO of Iron Horse, underscoring the long-overdue level of transparency it ushers in for both marketers and agencies. Freed from the confines of inconsistent results from various vendors, marketers now have an impartial third-party resource to evaluate the fiscal ramifications of their digital investments.

Moreover, this technology equips marketers with tools to effortlessly compare vendors and channels on a spectrum of key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs range from targeting efficiency to the corresponding economics and actual contributions to the sales funnel and revenue generation.

Acknowledging the innovation that B2C markets have witnessed, Chris Golec, the visionary founder & CEO of Channel99 and Demandbase, reflects on why such a technology breakthrough in B2B was not actualized until now. In his view, the nuances of B2B demands necessitate a tailor-made technology solution, which Channel99 has proudly actualized.

The vision for the future is grand, with plans to expand the remit of this technology to premium publishers, video platforms, social media, and even CTV. Channel99 envisages an ecosystem where direct integrations with media platforms streamline comparisons and expenditure data inputs.

As the landscape of Gym Marketing, More Gym Members, and Advertising For Gyms evolves, Channel99 is poised to play a crucial role. Strategies such as Gym Lead Generation and leveraging Facebook Ads will benefit significantly from the insights provided by the new technology. This not only levels the playing field but also sets the stage for businesses to make informed decisions for sustainable growth.

Ultimately, Channel99 is not content to rest on its laurels. The horizon gleams with the promise of expanding industry benchmark data and the deployment of generative AI solutions that will empower marketers to make savvier investment decisions, cementing the role of this technology as an indispensable ally in the arsenal of B2B digital marketing.