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Chowly Acquires Targetable, Revolutionizes Restaurant Marketing Technology

22 March, 2024

The fast-paced, digital age demands constant innovation from industries across the board, and the restaurant sector is no exception. Staying ahead of the competition often means embracing new technologies to reach more customers and streamline operations. This is where companies like Chowly make their mark. Having already revolutionized how restaurants handle digital ordering, Chowly recently broadened its horizons by acquiring Targetable, a digital marketing platform designed specifically for the culinary industry.

Chowly’s move to integrate Targetable into its repertoire is set to enhance the advertising efficiency for eateries. While the specifics of the transaction remain under wraps, the impact of such a synergy is far-reaching. This powerful merger allows Chowly to offer an unprecedented level of convenience and functionality by driving more customers to restaurants’ online ordering systems. Moreover, this integration can be smoothly incorporated into a restaurant’s existing point-of-sale (POS) system, serving more than 17,000 restaurants to date.

The restaurant industry thrives on visibility and engagement – two areas where robust digital marketing strategies shine. With the addition of Targetable, Chowly positions itself as an indispensable ally to restaurateurs, promising to streamline digital outreach efforts. For restaurants looking to boost foot traffic and simplify the management of their digital presence, the combined service offerings are a boon.

Chowly’s technology is notable for its capacity to replace the need for up to five or more vendors. By centralizing several essential services under one digital roof, restaurant operators can look forward to reduced complexity, potentially cutting costs and saving time—a move that echoes efficiency and convenience.

Incorporating services that resonate with sectors beyond the restaurant industry, Chowly’s merger presents parallels to tools and strategies used in related fields such as “Gym Marketing” and “Advertising For Gyms”. Just as gyms strive to attract “More Gym Members” through effective online campaigns, restaurants too can benefit from targeted promotional efforts to attract diners. Consider the precision of “Facebook Ads” used for “Gym Lead Generation”; similar approaches are critical for the restaurant industry to entice patrons amidst an ocean of dining options.

Chowly is clearly not content to rest on its laurels. The acquisition of Targetable isn’t the first time in recent memory that Chowly has expanded its empire. This isn’t just growth for the sake of it—Chowly’s acquisitions are strategic, meant to strengthen and complement its core offerings. With every new partnership and service integration, Chowly moves closer to delivering a comprehensive solution set for restaurants navigating the complexities of modern digital engagement.

For the restaurant industry, this enhancement comes at a pivotal time. As more customers turn to the web and mobile apps to decide where to eat, a restaurant’s online presence and marketing efforts can make all the difference. The enhanced digital marketing capabilities provided by Chowly will allow restaurant owners to cast wider nets, capture the attention of potential customers more effectively, and ultimately convert that attention into sales.

Moreover, the consolidation of marketing services under one umbrella simplifies the process for restaurant managers and owners. Instead of juggling multiple vendor relationships and technology platforms, they can lean on Chowly for a more streamlined experience.

As we look at the larger picture, this intelligent acquisition by Chowly also signals a continued trend toward consolidation within the tech space catering to specific industries. By combining tools for digital ordering and marketing, Chowly is setting a standard for how technology can empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

In conclusion, Chowly’s recent acquisition of Targetable is more than a mere expansion of services. It represents a significant enhancement in how restaurants can engage with customers in the digital sphere. With the ability to effectively manage online ordering and marketing within a singular, integrated system, Chowly is redefining what it means to be digitally savvy in the food industry. As restaurants everywhere adapt to the new norms of customer engagement, partnerships like these will continue to pave the way for success.