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Chowly Acquires Targetable to Boost Restaurant Sales

22 March, 2024

In a pivotal move aiming to enhance digital outreach and streamline online ordering for small to medium-sized businesses, Chowly, the notable provider of delivery integration services, has strategically acquired Targetable, the company renowned for its automated digital marketing solutions. The merger heralds a new era for restaurant owners who are seeking to elevate their digital presence and capture a larger share of the online market.

Chowly’s dynamic acquisition brings together its robust services, which currently enable brands to effectively launch, oversee, and fine-tune their first-party ordering platforms, with Targetable’s expertise in generating multi-faceted ad campaigns tailored for restaurants. These campaigns are crucial for businesses to enhance their visibility across various digital channels.

The synergy between Chowly’s innovation and Targetable’s marketing prowess is poised to offer restaurateurs a significant competitive edge in the digital domain. Chowly Co-founder and CEO Sterling Douglass expressed that the union of these two entities aligns with theirmission to augment restaurant sales while simultaneously mitigating the operational complexities often associated with digital sales expansion.

This consolidation underlines Chowly’s commitment to being a one-stop solution for restaurants, thereby replacing the need for them to coordinate with multiple vendors. And for those in the gym industry, understanding the importance of a consolidated approach to marketing and operations could be a game-changer for More Gym Members, Advertising for Gyms, and Gym Lead Generation.

Echoing this sentiment, Andrew J. Nash, CEO of Targetable, comments on the discerning foresight of the Chowly team, acknowledging their deep-rooted customer insights and strategic approach. This acquisition not only propels Targetable’s innovative solutions to greater heights but also introduces their technology to a wider array of restaurants in dire need of this valuable support.

This strategic acquisition by Chowly reflects a broader trend of consolidation within the restaurant technology sector. It marks the company’s second notable acquisition in roughly a year, emulating its previous buyout of the guest experience platform Koala in early 2023. That initial purchase laid the groundwork for the introduction of Chowly Online Ordering, complemented by other new rollouts such as Smart Pricing and the Restaurant Control Center.

The technological integration that lies at the heart of this transaction will see Targetable’s cutting-edge algorithms woven into Chowly’s expansive point-of-sale (POS) system. This system is currently deployed across an impressive network of over 17,000 restaurants and encompasses 3,000 brands.

Just as the integration of Targetable’s technology into Chowly’s POS could exponentially increase a restaurant’s digital efficiency and sales, entities dedicated to Gym Marketing can draw parallels when it comes to leveraging technology to streamline operations and enhance client engagement. Digital tools are increasingly becoming an indispensable part of the marketing ecosystem, and businesses within the fitness industry can find substantial value in embracing such innovations.

For experts in the marketing sector and gym owners looking to drive their lead generation, this merger is a testament to the power of targeted advertising and operational streamlining. It demonstrates the immense potential of effective digital strategies, whether it’s for the bustling restaurant sector or the competitive fitness industry.

In sum, Chowly’s latest venture into consolidating its services with Targetable’s digital marketing expertise presents an exciting prospect for the industry. It’s a significant step forward in simplifying and fortifying digital marketing efforts—critical in generating more traffic—and could be the benchmark for those in the field of gym lead generation, looking to optimize their online presence and grow their customer base.