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Christian Living Communities Exceeds Pre-Pandemic Levels & Expands Services

22 March, 2024

In the heart of Denver, Christian Living Communities (CLC) stands as a testament to strategic rebound and innovative growth, charting a path to success through digital ingenuity and an unwavering commitment to its residents. As 2023 unfolded, CLC emerged from the shadow of pre-pandemic strains, with occupancy and financial metrics soaring to new heights, paving the way for future expansion and service excellence in the senior living sector.

The notable upturn can largely be credited to CLC’s bold decision to cultivate its own digital marketing expertise, establishing the in-house Cappella Digital Marketing Solutions. Under the guidance of CEO Jill Vitale-Aussem, this initiative has catalyzed a surge in lead generation efficiency and affordability, surpassing the performance of previous external partnerships. This pivotal move not only redefined advertising for gyms but also set a benchmark for other non-profit organizations looking to amplify their presence in the digital arena.

Complementing this stride in marketing, CLC introduced a strategic review period in January—seeking to sculpt a visionary blueprint for the organization’s trajectory. With industry expert Ryan Frederick consulting alongside Nexus Insights, and armed with a consortium of board members and leadership, CLC meticulously evaluates its standing and deliberates future focal points. This reflective quest steers the nonprofit’s agenda, sharpening its objectives while preserving a responsive and prosperous community ethos.

With a pruned yet robust portfolio of 10 communities across Colorado, six of which are proprietary assets, CLC is primed for selective, methodical growth—notably within its core Colorado milieu. This approach underpins a commitment to fostering regional synergies and streamlining operational efficiencies. According to Vitale-Aussem, a precise and discerning stance shapes the organization’s perspective on expansion, with lessons drawn from CLC’s diligent stewardship since 2016.

The fruits of these strategies are evidenced by the enviable occupancy rates achieved by year’s end—nearly 98% for independent living, and a healthy 90% for assisted living and skilled nursing quarters. Cappella Digital Marketing Solutions has been instrumental in this milestone, attracting prospects and nurturing inquiries through robust website traffic and gym lead generation.

This in-house marketing prowess not only benefits CLC but is now poised to extend its reach, offering its services to other non-profits. The goal is simple: collaborate with philosophically aligned peers, enhancing community-wide outcomes without compromising CLC’s intrinsic culture.

Yet, amid these triumphs lies the humble acknowledgment of the perennial challenges faced in the realm of employee retention. CLC, however, has turned the tide, registering a noticeable drop in turnover—from 59% to 47% in one year. And in some communities, figures dive below the 40% mark. A focused initiative, the CLC Flex Team, emerged as an innovative internal staffing solution, drastically reducing reliance on external agencies and nurturing a trusting, familial environment for residents and staff alike.

As CLC forges ahead, the vibrancy of its culture and fiscal prudence stand as cornerstones of its resilience. Emerging from tumultuous times, Vitale-Aussem celebrates a renewed vigor and a firm financial foundation, ensuring CLC’s readiness to embrace upcoming challenges.

The structured six-month strategic review spearheaded in January 2023 is but a glimpse of CLC’s dedication to continuous evolution. Deliberating on growth avenues, service line enhancement, and the potential for new offerings—all under the auspice of its ‘citizenship model’—CLC reaffirms its commitment to an institutional ethos that values each individual’s unique contributions.

With a recent growth spurt marked by the management of a Green House community in Loveland and an eye on culturally compatible mergers and acquisitions, CLC’s story of growth is far from over. The mountain region may offer a picturesque backdrop, yet CLC’s sights are firmly set on creating harmonious communities well beyond the peaks and valleys of its origin, without compromising the core of what has driven its success – a dedication to the well-being of every resident and the unwavering pursuit of exceptional living experiences.

Christian Living Communities exemplifies the transformative power of strategic foresight and digital fluency, earning its place as a beacon of growth and solidarity in the senior living space. It’s an epitome of how adept gym marketing, even when applied to a seemingly different industry such as senior living, holds the promise of revitalization and prosperous community-building.