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Dallas Firm Boosts Tech With Key Acquisitions

24 March, 2024

In a move signaling a bolstering of tech and marketing expertise, Dallas-based Asset Entities Inc., a trailblazer in digital marketing and content delivery services, has recently expanded its portfolio with the strategic acquisitions of Ternary Inc. and OptionsSwing Inc. These acquisitions are set to enhance Asset Entities’ offerings, particularly in the realms of Gym Marketing and Gym Lead Generation.

Ternary Inc., renowned for its cloud-based subscription management solutions tailored for Discord communities, and OptionsSwing Inc., a provider of investment research and educational services, are now part of Asset Entities’ growing family. This expansion not only diversifies Asset Entities’ services but also brings in fresh talent to the team, including Jason Lee, the founder and CEO of both acquired companies. Lee is set to take on the role of Chief Technology Officer at Asset Entities, bringing his wealth of experience and innovative mindset to the forefront of the company’s technological initiatives.

As the fitness industry continues to evolve, with more emphasis on digital engagement and online community building, the expertise that Ternary brings in managing Discord communities is invaluable. The platform’s ability to provide seamless subscription management is a game-changer for gym owners looking to establish a strong online presence and foster a loyal community. This acquisition positions Asset Entities at the cutting edge of Advertising For Gyms, enabling them to offer sophisticated solutions that cater to the unique needs of the fitness market.

OptionsSwing’s track record in investment education complements Asset Entities’ mission to empower business owners with knowledge and tools to succeed. The acquisition means that Asset Entities can now offer educational resources that demystify the complexities of financial investments for gym owners, helping them make informed decisions to grow their businesses.

The integration of these two companies into Asset Entities’ operations is expected to be seamless, thanks to the strategic alignment of their services and the shared vision for innovation and customer satisfaction. Janet Hung will step into the role of Director of Customer Relations, Roberto Infante will serve as Senior Software Developer, and Daniel Montoya will take on the responsibilities of Senior Sales Director. These appointments underscore Asset Entities’ commitment to providing top-tier service and support to their clients.

Jason Lee’s addition to the team is particularly noteworthy. With a distinguished career that includes recognition on the Forbes Next 1000 list and significant contributions at Salesforce, Lee’s leadership is anticipated to drive substantial growth for Asset Entities. His proven track record in identifying and filling technology gaps for creators and businesses speaks volumes about his strategic acumen.

Under Lee’s guidance, Ternary processed transactions totaling over $10 million in revenues across various brands and businesses within its first three years. OptionsSwing also saw impressive growth under his leadership, achieving $1.7 million in recurring revenue within its initial 18 months and amassing a significant social media following.

The strategic acquisitions by Asset Entities are expected to attract new customers from Discord and other social media platforms while expanding its AE.360.DDM suite of services. This suite is designed to offer state-of-the-art payment processing capabilities, further solidifying Asset Entities’ position as a comprehensive provider for digital marketing needs.

With these latest acquisitions, Asset Entities is poised to revolutionize Gym Lead Generation and Facebook Ads strategies for fitness centers. By leveraging the combined strengths of Ternary’s subscription management and OptionsSwing’s educational resources, Asset Entities can deliver a more holistic marketing solution that addresses both the operational and promotional needs of gyms.

In conclusion, Asset Entities’ acquisition of Ternary and OptionsSwing is a strategic move that promises to enhance their service offerings significantly. With an expanded team of seasoned professionals and a suite of comprehensive digital marketing tools, Asset Entities is well-equipped to support More Gym Members in achieving their business goals through effective advertising and community engagement strategies. This development marks an exciting chapter for Asset Entities as they continue to innovate within the marketing industry.