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Festive Flashback: Content Marketing Strategies, Discount Code Inside

22 March, 2024

### Powering Up the Festive Season with Robust Content Marketing Strategies

As the year draws to a close, we’re taking a nostalgic trip back in time, not just to reminisce but to arm ourselves with the knowledge distilled from some of the most captivating marketing insights of yesteryear. Our Festive Flashback series gives you the opportunity to delve into some splendid articles that resonated throughout the digital marketing industry, serving as a guide to navigate the ever-evolving realm of content marketing. We’ve got you covered with essential reads from December 21 through January 5, each day unraveling essential events, fundamentals, actionable strategies, and thought-provoking opinions.

2023 has indeed been a landmark year in the world of digital marketing. Words, visuals, and the strategic deployment of both have taken center stage as businesses grappled with ever-changing consumer dynamics. Forward-thinkers in the industry have encapsulated these shifting tides in a series of thoughtful pieces that we believe can be your guiding star as you forge ahead into 2024.

Reflecting on this wealth of knowledge, we highlight crucial aspects of content marketing strategies that can be instrumental in ramping up Gym Marketing efforts or paving the way for more Gym Members. This article is inspired by the wisdom shared in “Content Marketing Strategy,” a seminal book by Robert Rose. Launched on September 26, 2023, the book has become a beacon for marketers, weaving together theory and practice in a manner that resonates profound echoes in the world of Advertising for Gyms, and beyond.

The essence of content marketing strategy is housed within three foundational pillars: Communication, Experiences, and Operations. These pillars are not standalone elements but overlap, creating an intricate web of five specific categories of activity essential for marketers and business leaders.

We begin with Communication, the linchpin that elevates content to more than mere words on a page. In this digital age, a successful content marketing strategy encapsulates the ability to speak to customers and engage them, fostering loyalty and growth. But this is not about creating content haphazardly. Instead, it’s about purposeful storytelling with a clear set of responsibilities and a process-driven approach, transforming content marketing from mere skill to a strategic business capability.

The pitfall for many a Gym Lead Generation campaign lies in the erroneous belief that content marketing is simply about hiring content creators. However, a successful strategy necessitates an operation of content underlined by a purpose that goes beyond content creation. It’s about building and continually assessing resources and skillsets, allowing marketing teams to differentiate themselves.

Moving on, we explore the Model, a concept that stands at the intersection of coordination and the ever-crucial Operations pillar. A robust content marketing strategy is often backed by a well-defined governance model, whether centralized or federated, ensuring that content creation is not an island but an integrated part of the broader business strategy.

Take, for instance, a centralized team dedicated solely to content marketing, which operates with standardized procedures, chiming well with the needs of a diverse audience. On the flip side, a federated model might see content as an enabler, helping other departments create and manage quality content across multiple channels. By establishing ‘rules of engagement’ – standards, workflows, and methodologies – businesses guarantee that everyone swims in tandem towards the goal of generating compelling, measurable content.

Turning to Experiences, we see them as vessels that carry content to audiences. Here, too, strategic intent is paramount. No matter the size of your business or the scale, from Facebook Ads to large-scale campaigns, each touchpoint with the customer is an opportunity to deliver an experience designed to resonate and be remembered.

In the spirit of giving back, and as part of our festive series, we’re extending an exclusive invitation: a 20% discount on Robert Rose’s “Content Marketing Strategy.” Redeem your discount at Kogan Page by using the code CMS20, and embark on a journey to reshape your content marketing efforts.

In conclusion, content marketing strategy is not just a buzzword but a multifaceted and disciplined approach to storytelling that aligns with the business goals, whether it’s engaging Gym Members, streamlining advertising for gyms or elevating your brand’s narrative. It’s a strategy that embraces the holiday spirit – one of reflection, assessment, and renewed resolve. As you step into the New Year, let’s channel the best of yesterday into a brighter, more successful tomorrow, armed with strategies that spell triumph in the art of content marketing.