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Grameenphone Dominates Digital Marketing with Record 25 Awards

23 March, 2024

In a dazzling demonstration of digital prowess, Grameenphone outshone its competitors at the prestigious 7th Digital Marketing Award 2023 hosted by Bangladesh Brand Forum. The telecommunications titan achieved unparalleled success, winning a staggering 25 awards—a testament to their outstanding commitment to excellence in the dynamic digital marketing arena.

The ceremony, held in Dhaka’s luster and luxury, saw Grameenphone take home six Gold, nine Silver, and ten Bronze awards. This remarkable feat underscores Grameenphone’s ethos of innovation and their determination to create compelling narratives that resonate with their audience.

One of the crowning achievements of the evening was Grameenphone’s Heartwarming Friendship Day campaign—’Bondhu Bojhe Amake’, which spotlighted the profound human-animal bond, promoting the message of compassion towards stray animals. This touching initiative didn’t just win awards, but also tugged at the heartstrings of millions, reflecting the power of Gym Lead Generation and Advertising For Gyms to move beyond transactions and create meaningful community connections.

Grameenphone’s other recognized campaigns also made profound statements—celebrating national history with the Liberation War Museum, sensitizing the populace about the tragic Bongobazar incident with their #LiveForBonogobazar campaign, and energizing the youth with their #CholoBangladesh initiative, all exemplifying More Gym Members ethos of purpose-driven marketing narratives.

Digital spheres such as OTT platforms also witnessed Grameenphone’s dominance, with ‘Priyotoma’ on Bioscope winning laurels for Best Digital Marketing for OTT Platform (Bronze Award) and Best Use of YouTube (Gold Award). These wins demonstrate how Gym Marketing can harness the storytelling potential of digital platforms to create impactful customer experiences.

Moreover, Grameenphone’s smart use of Search Engine Marketing and their innovative MyGP app communications were acknowledged as exceptional, capturing a Bronze for the MyGP ibadah campaign. This highlights the brand’s adeptness in Gym Lead Generation, leveraging technology to reach consumers effectively.

Farha Naz Zaman, the elated Head of Marketing at Grameenphone, proudly commented on the victory, “It’s an exciting moment for all of us. These 25 Digital Marketing Awards are a testament to Grameenphone’s dynamic digital approach, where data-driven insights meld with creativity. We also want to thank our partners, Grey Dhaka and Mindshare Bangladesh, and extend our gratitude to the Bangladesh Brand Forum for acknowledging our innovative endeavors to keep our audience engaged in the digital space.”

Grameenphone’s colossal win at the Digital Marketing Award 2023 serves as a beacon for the marketing industry, showcasing how brands can craft engaging, socially relevant, and technologically savvy campaigns that genuinely connect with people’s lives. With over 600 marketing and business professionals attending and more than a thousand nominations cast, the award gala celebrated the best in the business.

Grameenphone stands tall as a part of the Telenor Group, with a legendary footprint as a leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh, boasting over 82 million subscribers. Since its inception in 1997, Grameenphone’s mission to empower societies and bridge the digital divide has never wavered. Their expansive cellular network blankets over 99 percent of the population, and their brand promise of “Time is Now” reflects a relentless drive to make connectivity enable aspirations, fueling a digital-led lifestyle that is always one step ahead. As they tread onward, setting new benchmarks with every campaign, Grameenphone continues to be an illustrious name on the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE).

For those seeking to learn from Grameenphone’s strategies or to understand their service portfolio, you can visit their official website for information that can ignite your brand’s digital journey, much like how they’ve masterfully charted their own.