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Henkel Wins B2B Category in Drum Awards for Digital Advertising

23 March, 2024

**Henkel: Pioneering a Digital Revolution in B2B Marketing**

The landscape of digital marketing stands transformed as Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies sector, in collaboration with the visionary marketing agency Transmission, clinches the prestigious B2B category trophy at The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising. This recognition is not just an accolade but a testament to Henkel’s unwavering commitment to embracing digital innovation and placing customers at the epicenter of its marketing strategy.

Henkel’s journey to this point is a story of evolution, from a traditional sales-driven entity to a pioneer in digital marketing strategies. In Henkel’s past, sales bore the brunt of lead generation. However, with the digital winds of change sweeping across the business landscape, the company recognized the urgent need to upskill its marketing teams and refit its technological arsenal in order to foster deeper connections with its customers and enhance its market position.

Embarking on an ambitious digital transformation journey, Henkel aspired to not only innovate customer service delivery but also to craft a marketing approach that would resonate powerfully within the large-account sphere. The comprehensive goal was to bolster its influence and visibility within sizeable customer accounts, and Henkel chose to address this challenge head-on through targeted Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs.

The synergy between Henkel and its valued customer, Cisco, became the focal point of a meticulous pilot program. The program aimed to unfold the narrative that ABM was the most efficacious approach for marketing within large accounts – a narrative that could be scaled globally across 300+ accounts with the dual thrust of efficiency and efficacy.

Our methodology pivoted around a tiered ABM framework, integrating a one-to-one program for Cisco with a broader one-to-many tactic for the Data & Telecom sector. At the heart of this strategic approach was Henkel’s commitment to forming and nurturing meaningful relationships with its audience – ensuring the targeted decision-makers transitioned smoothly from Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) to Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).

Diving into the discovery phase, an intricate tapestry of ABM workshops was woven for Henkel’s customer journeys. The Data & Telecom segment witnessed the creation of a global target account list while identifying key personas and addressing their unique challenges through tailored messaging. Meanwhile, the Cisco-focused strategy entailed in-depth interviews with stakeholders and pinpointing of influential individuals across a spectrum of roles and regions, each pivotal to the decision-making process.

Insight gathering brought to the fore a poignant opportunity: Henkel’s innovative capacity meshed seamlessly with the shifting narratives predominating the technology sector. The burgeoning demand for better data management and thermal interface materials provided fertile ground for Henkel to intensify its market presence, positioning the company as an indispensable partner for Cisco’s ‘Internet for the Future’ vision.

It was acknowledged, however, that many of Henkel’s content offerings skewed towards bottom-of-funnel product solutions. To address this, there was a creation of a robust content strategy that primed audiences across the decision-making process in both the Data & Telecom’s one-to-many landscape and Cisco’s one-to-one territory. Foundational whitepapers, infographics, and blogs delved into the most pressing concerns of decision-makers, illuminating how Henkel’s material expertise could propel performance and spur future advancements. Leading the charge, one particular whitepaper scooped up the ‘Best Use of a Whitepaper’ honor at the Content Marketing Awards 2022.

Henkel’s marketing materials, awash in signature red and blue motifs, embarked on a nuanced dialogue with Cisco’s branding to underscore partnership and collaboration. This alignment extended into the development of cutting-edge web platforms for both audience groups, providing streamlined functionality including product listing and sample ordering – all the while integrating systems such as HubSpot for comprehensive data capture and management.

The campaign’s reach extended through both digital and offline domains, employing tactics that ranged from the dynamic world of social media to the tactile realm of direct mailer campaigns, thus creating a seamless brand-to-demand journey. The novel use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) showcased not only Cisco’s strategic direction but also underscored Henkel’s supportive role.

In conclusion, Henkel’s remarkable venture into digital marketing represents a beacon for others in the sector striving for digital transformation. The blend of technological mastery, nuanced creativity, and strategic acumen has set a new standard for Gym Marketing, More Gym Members, and Advertising For Gyms. With an ever-evolving playbook that includes innovative tactics like Gym Lead Generation and integrating Facebook Ads, Henkel serves as a paragon of marketing excellence.