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How To Start A Gym Referral Program

12 October, 2022

Starting a gym referral program is a logical method for motivating members to recommend your gym to others. People frequently discuss the goods and services they adore and value.

The goal is to reward users for referring friends, which will increase your member base. A refer-a-friend programme must be advantageous to both existing and potential customers. Utilising your current customer base, the marketing plan makes them brand ambassadors.

By providing a referral scheme, you can also step in as soon as a current member fails to refer a friend to your gym. There might be a cause for this, and by discovering it beforehand, you can make changes or present a more attractive incentive.

Because you’ve made the decision for starting a gym referral program, we’ll walk you through each step in detail below. 


1. Incentive Versus Promotion:

Choosing your gym’s referral programme’s incentive or promotion is the first step in starting a gym referral program. The quantity of the incentive doesn’t seem to matter, but providing an incentive does enhance the likelihood of a referral.

Here are some examples of gym referral systems with incentives that you can start with:

  • A free fitness class
  • Discounted membership
  • 1 free week pass
  • 1-month free membership
  • Free t-shirts or gym gear
  • Gift cards

Consider handing out rewards for various levels of referrals if you have a particular gym member who is great at making a recommendation. This means a member may receive a free gym pass when they suggest one new customer, but if they refer five customers, they may receive a free three-month gym subscription.


2. Simplicity Is Key:

Members should find it simple to recommend your gym through the programme. How do you typically interact with your members? You should utilise these for your referral program’s channels. Make it simple for members to receive rewards for referrals and consider the sign-up procedure they will go through.

3. Promotions Are Where Its At:

You must spread the word if you want your programme to be successful. Share it on all of your social media platforms. To promote the programme and speak with members personally, use posters on your business property. Members of the gym should be encouraged to tell others about your referral programme. Make sure to effectively market the programme whether you’re using printed referral cards or keeping everything online.