Brand Experience


05 August, 2019

According to Roy Morgan research the average Australian woman spends approximately 56 minutes per day on social media, and the average Australian man spends 41 minutes per day. It’s part of our everyday life, and therefore a fantastic platform for businesses of all sizes to engage with existing customers and very importantly reach new prospective ones too.

Facebook and Instagram in particular are common go-to platforms for prospective customers when researching or trying to find businesses of interest. An engaging and well thought our approach to your social media channels will see your fitness business stand out from the rest. Let’s take a look at the type of content you should be posting regularly to support this and how your current members can help you to meet your content quota:


Share images of your members, your classes, your facilities and your client success stories regularly. The more emotive the imagery and copy the better – think groups of clients together smiling and laughing, or a success story of how your gym has changed someones life. This type of content provides prospective clients with a glimpse inside the walls of your fitness business, and they can start to imagining themselves amongst it. For a client who may be questioning whether they have what it takes to be fitter and healthier, this type of content helps ease their doubts and see that with your supportive community, all things are possible.


Ensure you are regularly sharing information relating to health and fitness. For example images demonstrating how to properly perform a certain exercise, a nutritious recipe, fitness challenges, or workout plans……these are the types of posts that demonstrate to people your knowledge and skill in this area, and helps to show why they would benefit from joining you specifically.


The more engagement you can get on your posts from current members, the more proof you are showing to new clients that you have a tight-knit community (not to mention the better they will perform against Facebook’s algorithm). Tag your members in the pictures you post of them, or ask questions such as ‘What’s everyone’s number 1 goal to achieve with us this week’ or even post a joke relating to something done in class earlier that day…. These are surefire ways to get members engaging on your posts.


Your content should apply the 20/80 rule, meaning only 20% of your content should be promotional, whilst the other 80 should be informative and organic. Use your 20% to talk about your business and speak to prospective and existing members about the services that you offer or promotional offer that you are running i.e. Did you know we offer nutritional coaching? Speak to any member of staff today for more information.


It’s your job to motivate people to not only start their health and fitness journey, but to stay the course. Use social media as a platform to do just this. Inspirational quotes, personalised tips, in-house challenges and results focussed stories, images and videos…these are all great ways to encourage your followers. Start a trend such as #motivationalmonday or #transformationtuesday and your audience will come to expect that your fitness centre is kick-starting the week in a positive way.

So there you have some great tips on what you can be doing from a content perspective, but did you know that your members can create content that is equally as important? Here’s what you should be actively encouraging:

1. CHECK-INS – word of mouth is one of your most powerful marketing tools. Encourage current members to check-in on Facebook when they are at the gym. Their online friends will see it, and start to consider your fitness centre. If they already have a friend there, then they are more likely to value it as an option for their health and fitness journey.

2. REVIEWS – Facebook reviews can be so important. Why don’t you incentivise your current members to write you a review, or suggest to happy members that that they do this for you.

3. USER GENERATED CONTENT – let your followers know that user generated content is welcome. Have them share great health and fitness articles, funny memes, nutritious recipes or workout challenges they find online. It leads back to our earlier point on creating a sense of community, which will speak volumes to prospective clients.

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