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Lance Hollander Takes Role As CEO at Northern Liberties Agency

22 March, 2024

Title: Lance Hollander Takes the Helm as CEO at Forward-Thinking Digital Agency From the Future

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, leadership plays a critical role in steering companies toward fresh horizons. Lance Hollander has stepped into such a role, ushering in a new era of innovation and growth as the recently appointed CEO of From the Future, a contemporary digital agency situated in Northern Liberties.

With a wealth of experience that spans the cultivation and successful exit of three digital agencies, including Delphic Digital’s notable acquisition by Hero Digital in 2017, Hollander’s expertise is well-established in the marketing industry. Prior to this new engagement, he lent his acumen to The Agency Shop as co-founder and partner before its own acquisition by Baltimore’s Catalyte in 2023.

Hollander’s vision for From the Future is clear and ambitious. He aims to expand the agency’s prowess by enhancing its existing services to deliver exceptional digital solutions, which include Media Optimization, SEO, and enriched customer experiences. Emphasizing a holistic service layer, Hollander’s strategy is poised to elevate the agency’s client offerings to new heights.

“I’m looking to grow From the Future and build another customer experience agency focused on great digital work,” said Hollander. His dedication to manifesting excellence in the digital realm is rooted in a strong passion for solving diverse business challenges through innovative digital means. Living near Manayunk, just outside the city, Hollander brings a local perspective combined with global insights to the agency.

Since his induction onto From the Future’s board in 2020, and after providing a financial investment alongside co-managing partners David Herscott and Neil Bar-or, Hollander has been instrumental in shaping the agency’s direction. Founder Nick Eubanks transitioned to a business advisory capacity within From the Future, further allowing for new leadership energy to catalyze change. Eubanks continues to contribute to the digital marketing sphere as VP of owned media at Semrush and through various entrepreneurial endeavors.

The importance of Hollander’s leadership was echoed by Bar-or: “We believe that Lance’s expertise will further add to the innovative spirit and client-focused approach that defines From The Future. We’re thrilled he’s joining us and are strapping in for the journey ahead under his leadership.”

With over 25 professionals contributing to From the Future’s operations, the agency stands as a collaborative and creative nexus with shared workspaces provided by Indy Hall enriching its North Second Street location. Hollander’s return to the digital agency industry signifies more than a new chapter in his career—it’s a commitment to supporting clients’ success through strategic and creative Gym Marketing and More Gym Members initiatives.

The digital landscape constantly evolves, requiring adaptive strategies and leading-edge solutions. From Lead Generation to Facebook Ads, the essence of digital marketing lies in its ability to connect with audiences through compelling content and innovative tactics. Hollander’s track record exemplifies a drive for businesses to flourish in the digital space through Advertising For Gyms and other focuses, ensuring their unique narratives resonate with their target demographics.

Having Hollander at the forefront of From the Future propels the agency into an exciting trajectory of creativity, client-centric services, and industry-leading digital solutions. The agency is not only poised to expand its team and client base but also to enhance its core offerings, promising to deliver a comprehensive suite of services to meet the rapidly changing demands of the digital marketing industry.

For businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and drive meaningful engagement, the fresh vision and seasoned leadership of From the Future promise to be a beacon of innovation and client success. With Hollander at the helm, the future of digital marketing looks brighter than ever, ready to take on the needs and goals of its diverse clientele with precision and flair.