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Mastering Marketing in VC-Funded Startups: Insights from Top Leaders

24 March, 2024

into, the kind that truly resonates with your audience. And that takes time.”

Building a Marketing Strategy for VC-Funded Startups

For VC-funded startups, marketing can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. With increased funding comes heightened expectations and pressure to deliver rapid results. This article draws insights from industry leaders at Flutterwave, Piggyvest, Bumpa, and Fleri, who share their experiences and strategies for excelling in VC-funded startup marketing environments.

When I joined Stears as a Senior Content Marketer, they had just secured $3.3 million in VC funding. The influx of capital brought with it an increased emphasis on quick results and business success. As a new member of the team, I found myself caught in a whirlwind of tasks, each demanding immediate attention and action. However, this approach eventually led to burnout and a decline in my attention to detail, resulting in avoidable errors. Through self-reflection, seeking support, taking necessary breaks, and adopting a more measured pace, I regained my momentum. Now, after completing over a year at Stears, I am eager to share the insights I’ve gained to help other marketers navigate similar challenges.

Adapting to the Fast-Paced Environment at Flutterwave

Onyedikachim Nwankwo, a marketing leader at Flutterwave, quickly learned that success in a VC-funded startup requires dedication and the ability to prove one’s value consistently. He shares his approach to overcoming these challenges: “I adopted a simple yet powerful formula: continuous learning and understanding of marketing, our product, and taking action.”

Onyedikachim immersed himself in various marketing resources, including YouTube videos, blogs, and observing other brands. He also worked closely with colleagues to understand their product and industry better. Above all, he was not afraid to experiment. His efforts were recognized by management, which provided him with further support. This approach led to the successful execution of projects such as the Flutterwave Store product, the #KeepTheLightsOn campaign, and Flutterwave 3.0.

For marketers facing pressure, Onyedikachim recommends maintaining a balance between impactful work and meeting stakeholder expectations. He also emphasizes the importance of capitalizing on small wins, such as improving a newsletter or publishing regular blog posts, to build credibility and earn trust for larger projects.

Transitioning to Piggyvest

Daniel, a marketer at Piggyvest, shares his experience transitioning from a high-volume content production environment at Zikoko to a more strategic role at Piggyvest. He explains, “At Piggyvest, I had to shift my focus from quantity to impact. I began to ask, ‘What are we trying to achieve?’ This led me to become a content strategist.”

Daniel emphasizes the importance of understanding the problem your content aims to solve and the impact you want it to have. He illustrates this with an example of their content strategy for “Grown Ups,” a comic targeting millennials and Gen Z. It took a year to execute, but it perfectly served its purpose.

For junior marketers, Daniel stresses the importance of patience and effective communication with management. He advises, “Creating impactful content takes time and doesn’t yield immediate results. It’s crucial for supervisors to convey this to management. The most valuable content is the kind you’ve invested effort into, the kind that truly resonates with your audience.”

Final Thoughts

Marketing in a VC-funded startup can be challenging but rewarding. By demonstrating your value early on, staying committed to continuous learning, being open to experimentation, and focusing on impactful work, you can excel in this fast-paced environment. Whether you’re working on gym marketing, seeking more gym members, planning advertising for gyms or developing a gym lead generation strategy through Facebook Ads, these insights from industry leaders can guide your marketing efforts towards success.