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M&C Saatchi Performance Announces Global Leadership Team Changes

22 March, 2024

M&C Saatchi Performance has unveiled a strategic restructuring of its global leadership matrix, showcasing an array of internal ascensions aimed to catalyze the firm’s continued growth trajectory and innovative prowess.

Guillaume Lelait, a stalwart of the M&C Saatchi Performance setup with three years under his belt, ascends to the prestigious position of Chief Growth Officer. While maintaining his current role as Managing Director for the U.S. operations, Lelait’s responsibilities swell to encompass a broader international focus. His new mandate includes the integration of sales and marketing divisions across the globe which is intended to usher in an era of cohesive team alignment and an ambitious client acquisition strategy.

The organization’s trust in Lelait derives from his proven track record in amping up business growth within the U.S. market. His vision for M&C Saatchi Performance is a fortified global presence—merging the best sales and marketing practices from all regional markets to achieve unparalleled success.

Roshat Adnani, another seasoned agent within the company, formerly the Managing Partner for APAC, has been promoted to Managing Director APAC. Adnani’s six-year tenure has been instrumental in solidifying the agency’s foundations across the Asia-Pacific landscape. He brings to the table an intimate understanding of digital media across various spectrums, coupled with leadership in spearheading strategic partnerships. His ambition is to carry on this momentum, propelling the agency through the wealth of opportunities the APAC region holds.

Lavinea Morris steps up from her role as the Head of Planning EMEA to become the Managing Director EMEA—recognizing and rewarding her significant contributions since joining the firm in 2017. Her expertise has driven key account growth within that market, and now her spectrum of oversight broadens to client retention and the pursuit of new business avenues. Her strategic vision will also cover the MENA region, where the company recently initiated operations, showcasing a commitment to geographical expansion as part of its growth strategy.

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Dane Buchanan, previously navigating the technological ocean as Global Director of Data, Analytics & Tech, embarks on a new voyage as Chief Data & Analytics Officer. Since his integration into the company in 2021, Buchanan has been the architect behind revamping the data and analytics framework which is foundational for innovative digital advertising solutions. With privacy landscapes shifting and marketing becoming more sophisticated, he plans to steward clients through these challenging waters while steering the technological helm towards AI and inventive tech platforms.

Buchanan’s elevation incredibly synchronizes with the present transitional phase of digital advertising, his expertise harmonizing with the innovative thrust required in spearheading AI-driven solutions for robust Facebook Ads protocols and other client services.

Kabeer Chaudhary, who stepped into the role of CEO at M&C Saatchi Performance at the onset of 2023, expressed his exhilaration in partnering with this elite leadership cohort. These key promotions are reflective of the distinct capabilities and the enduring dedication of these leaders within the agency. Chaudhary’s optimism is firmly rooted in the belief that this bolstered leadership echelon is set to accelerate their agency’s already promising global journey.

With profound and positive structural changes, M&C Saatchi Performance is poised not only to respond to the challenges and opportunities of the marketing industry but also to set new benchmarks. These transitions reflect the company’s drive for leadership continuity, strategic foresight, and internal talent nurturing, indicating the readiness to ascend to unparalleled market leadership and successful client partnerships.