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Morehead State University Team Wins Gold for Website Revamp

22 March, 2024

In an age where digital presence is synonymous with a brand’s survival and success, Morehead State University (MSU) has struck gold, quite literally. The university’s strategic overhaul of their website earned them top honors at the 11th annual Education Digital Marketing Awards, showcasing their commitment to innovation and the user experience.

Embarking on a crucial mission to enhance their digital touchpoint, the MSU communications and marketing team recognized the evolving needs of their audience—prospective and current students seeking seamless access to information. Consequently, they embarked on a significant revamp project in 2021, aiming to modernize the user interface and boost the site’s accessibility.

The comprehensive initiative involved a forward-looking partnership with experts in the field, leveraging up-to-the-minute technology. This tactical collaboration allowed MSU to integrate advanced hardware and software solutions, providing the structural backbone to support the new website’s dynamic functionalities.

The pivot to prioritizing navigability was a crucial aspect of the revamp, as highlighted by MSU’s Vice President of University Advancement, Rick Hesterberg. He pinpointed the paramount objective of simplifying user journeys, emphasizing the need to streamline interactions and promptly address inquiries. “It’s about getting quick results and providing answers, making sure that visitors for various reasons find what they’re looking for without unnecessary complications,” Hesterberg articulated.

With an estimated budget of half a million dollars, the website reconstruction was neither trivial nor inexpensive. However, the investment was deemed necessary to emerge from years without significant updates. Hesterberg underscored the notion that the new system wasn’t merely about cosmetic changes; it brought about a robust infrastructure that lays the groundwork for easier updates in the future. “This isn’t just a fresh new look. It’s the creation of a system that streamlines subsequent refreshers or overhauls,” he asserted.

Post-launch, while minor hiccups were addressed—par for the course in a digital renovation of this magnitude—the site has stabilized, according to Hesterberg. He acknowledged the constant upkeep required by a platform such as MSU’s newly minted website, which remains under vigilant daily maintenance.

One standout feature that the communications and marketing team has introduced is an academic program search tool right on the homepage. This strategic enhancement aligns with industry best practices in gym marketing and similar sectors, underscoring the importance of easing the search experience for users.

The quality of MSU’s digital endeavors transcends the website itself, with their social media presence also earning recognition. The university netted a silver award for its social media outreach, particularly on Facebook, indicative of their multifaceted approach to digital engagement and potentially inspiring advertising for gyms seeking to amplify their online voice.

Moreover, a merit award was bestowed upon MSU for their ingenuity in digital campaign video production, demonstrating the university’s adeptness in gym lead generation principles—creating compelling, shareable content that resonates with their audience.

In the realm of digital marketing, especially in sectors such as Gym Marketing and More Gym Members, the victories of MSU serve not only as a testament to their achievements but also as a touchstone for the industry. The strategic deployment of Facebook Ads and progressive online solutions mirror the successes found in gym lead generation campaigns and provide a roadmap for those in advertising for gyms to emulate.

As digital spaces continue to dominate the way we connect, learn, and grow, MSU’s sophisticated approach to their web presence, much like the cutting-edge tactics employed in the fitness marketing industry, proves that innovation, user-centric design, and continuous refinement are pivotal to excelling in today’s online-centric world.