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Mumbai’s CereOne Media: Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions

22 March, 2024

**Embracing Evolution: CereOne Media’s Strategic Rebranding Initiative**

In an industry characterized by constant change and innovation, staying ahead involves not just adaptation, but evolution. In this light, the Mumbai-based OneNative Advertising, a trailblazer in the realm of digital media advertising, has undergone a momentous transformation. The company has now emerged with a new moniker and an expanded vision – welcome to CereOne Media, your comprehensive digital marketing solutions architect.

Since its inception in 2017, OneNative Advertising has consistently pushed the envelope in engaging consumers and creating marketing marvels. With robust operations extending from Mumbai to offices in Delhi, Bangalore and a subsidiary in Singapore, the firm’s rebranding is a testament to its foresighted approach towards an integrated marketing future.

The strategic pivot towards a rebranded identity encapsulates a move beyond traditional native advertising. A Full-Fledged Right now, CereOne Media stands as a vanguard, equipped with a diverse array of tools including Connected TV and Programmatic Digital Out of Home (pDOOH), groundbreaking content marketing, and impactful, sustainable partnerships, like with WeTransfer. These developments mark a significant expansion from its origins, poised to tackle the digital era’s unique set of challenges.

Deepak Karnani, founder-director of CereOne Media, imparts a clear vision saying, “Our new identity denotes our unwavering commitment to meticulous thought and strategic acumen in the digital marketing realm.” He expounds on the transition, explaining how CereOne Media unfurls an omnichannel approach, honing in on reaching consumers across various platforms, ensuring brand significance in critical moments.

Harish Patil, co-founder, adds a note of excitement, “CereOne Media heralds a new era for brand engagements, focusing on creating experiences that aren’t just accepted but eagerly anticipated by users.” This echoes the brand’s philosophy of crafting meaningful interactions, fostering a welcomed presence in consumer consciousness.

**The Essence of CereOne: A Harmonious Fusion of Intellect and Unity**

CereOne – the new brand name is a conceptual blend. “Cere” nods to the brain’s cerebral hemisphere, highlighting the company’s intellectual edge in strategy. Conversely, “One” symbolizes a unified, holistic strategy with seamless integration across different marketing solutions. The vibrant pink and vivid orange color scheme reflects the brand’s warmth and a spirit of cooperation.

**Cultivating Connections in Moments that Count**

At the core of CereOne Media’s ethos is the principle of brand activation during pivotal moments with the target audience. The rebrand emphasizes an unwavering dedication to helping brands tell their stories in the most impactful, memorable ways. As CereOne Media traverses this new path, it promises to share more insights and details on its expanded service portfolio crafted to amplify brands in an ever-evolving digital cosmos.

**About CereOne Media**

A pioneer in digital marketing, CereOne Media is the evolved identity of OneNative Advertising. By championing strategic depth and thoughtful interactions, the company is devoted to fostering genuine connections between brands and their audiences amid the rapidly transforming digital terrain. CereOne Media also provides India-centric strategic advice to international clients and has been representing WeTransfer since 2017 in the Indian market.

With a global footprint and an arsenal of cutting-edge advertising solutions spanning Connected TV, DOOH and captivating content creation, CereOne Media is primed to not just navigate but redefine the digital marketing industry. For a transformative partnership or to delve into the world of Gym Marketing and Gym Lead Generation, get in touch at [email protected], and step into a future where your brand’s story interweaves seamlessly with the fabric of digital narratives.