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Owner Of Best Of Midland Promotes Local Businesses Through Digital Content

22 March, 2024

In the dynamic world of local entrepreneurship, digital content serves as a lifeline that connects businesses with potential customers. Highlighting the role of digital content in supporting local enterprises, an informative session at Midland College featured Ryan Shewchuk, a prominent figure in the realm of local business promotion. He addressed the influential power of content creation and distribution in fostering community engagement and supporting the growth of small businesses.

Best of Midland, an initiative led by Shewchuk and his partner Terra Avery, serves as an online hub that brings local businesses into the spotlight by providing essential information such as operational hours, location details, event schedules, and special deals. This platform not only simplifies consumers’ search for local services but also helps businesses gain visibility in the digital space.

The Best of Midland podcast, an extension of their online resource, offers an incredible opportunity for local entrepreneurs and figures to share their stories through both audio and visual content. This approach proved to be immensely successful in 2023, with the podcast amassing a staggering 12 million listeners, demonstrating the substantial reach and impact that digital content can have.

The concept of utilizing visual podcasts as a “content juggernaut” illustrates how cost-effective and powerful long-form video content can be. Shewchuk highlights how, with minimal time investment, such as sitting down to record two hours of conversation per month, businesses can generate a plethora of content suitable for various social media platforms. It is here where Gym Marketing and Facebook Ads come into play, as engaging content directly contributes to attracting more gym members through improved online presence and heightened brand awareness.

Notably, the approach embraced by Shewchuk and Avery is designed to cater to businesses with limited advertising budgets. Leveraging the podcast episodes, they skillfully craft a range of digital marketing content, including blog posts and LinkedIn articles, aimed at boosting the digital footprint of the featured businesses. This integrated strategy is not just about creating content but also about amplifying its reach and ensuring effective Gym Lead Generation.

An illuminating example of the efficacy of their method is reflected in the digital presence of Midland Run Crew. A search on Google prominently displayed the Best of Midland podcast featuring the run crew as well as an SEO-optimized LinkedIn article, all resulting from their collaboration with Shewchuk’s team.

As an SEO connoisseur, Shewchuk understands the intricate workings of search algorithms, thus curating content that aligns with the most searched-for keywords on platforms like Google and YouTube. This specialized knowledge enables local businesses to enhance their online visibility, which is crucial for businesses, such as gyms aiming to capitalize on Advertising For Gyms strategies.

Best of Midland continues to evolve its content creation, ensuring it resonates beyond the confines of the local community. By producing “agnostic” content, they create digital experiences that attract a broader audience, helping businesses gain recognition even outside their immediate geographical location.

Additionally, Shewchuk’s Forty Wolves Studios presents a comprehensive social media marketing partnership, offering fully-equipped podcast studios, elaborate editing services, and creative social media content creation. This partnership focuses on not just crafting the message but enveloping it in a professional sheen that stands out in the crowded digital marketplace.

Whether it’s Gym Marketing or any other local business endeavor, investing in digital content creation can provide a significant return on investment. In a landscape where “views are the currency,” as Shewchuk aptly puts it, local businesses stand to gain extensive reach and robust brand engagement, ultimately leading to More Gym Members or more customers across various sectors.

In conclusion, for businesses to thrive in a digitally-driven marketplace, creating captivating and SEO-focused content is indispensable. Platforms like Best of Midland exemplify the transformational impact such efforts can have, turning online visibility into tangible business success.