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Fitness Sales Mastery

“Life is one big negotiation, the person who can negotiate the best, wins”. This is a statement by Grant Cardone, considered the worlds no.1 sales teacher. If you want to succeed in this industry you need to learn not only how to sell your product, service or brand but you need to learn how to effectively negotiate high ticket items.


This sales mastery 8 weeks intensive is for you if:


  • You’re struggling to convert names & numbers into buyers, and wish you were able to make more profit from your lead generation efforts.
  • You’re sick of no-shows for appointments, and want to be certain that everyone you speak to shows up.
  • You’re currently undervaluing your services and want to turn cold leads you’ve just met into a piping-hot, higher-priced buyers, all while keeping a straight face.
  • You want to triple your prices while also making clients twice as happy.
  • When hit with objections you lose the sale, and need exact, pre-scripted objection handles to convert those tricky questions into payments.
  • You’re looking to build a reliable, scalable lead follow-up system and method so no leads fall through the crack.
  • You wish to delegate followup or sales consultations to a trainer, and need them to perform a high as possible.
  • you need help with implementing systems & processes in order to improve profit margin and growth whilst maintaining an exceptional level of customer service.


Sales training is lead by Jason, a thriving Personal Trainer himself. He’s worked closely with Go Health Clubs, Goodlife Health Clubs, AFL Queensland, Brisbane Lions AFC and personally trained over 216+ PT’s and Gym Owners in the art of selling. He has also worked with trainers from World Gym, I Feel Good & Anytime Fitness, to name a few!


This 8 week Sales Mastery program includes:

  1. Lead Collection & CRM (Improve Your Lead Tracking Process)
    1. Introduction To Lead Tracking
    2. The Simple Spreadsheet
    3. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software)
  2. Programs & Membership Designs
    1. Build A Program
    2. Build A Membership
  3. Calling The Lead (How To Increase Your Show Rate)
    1. Be Prepared
    2. Scripting
    3. Pre-Framing
    4. Urgency
    5. Scarcity
  4. The Consultation Phase (How To Set Up For The Pitch)
    1. The Meet & Greet
    2. The Tour
    3. Health & Lifestyle
    4. Fitness Goals
    5. Customer Pain Points
  5. The Pitch (How To Present High Ticket Items)
    1. What Is The Pitch?
    2. Method.1 – Option A or Option B (beginner)
    3. Method.2 – 3 Tier (moderate)
    4. Method.3 – The Package Deal
    5. Method.4 – The Health Insurance Option
  6. The Close (Close More Deals Every Day)
  7. The Negotiation (How To Negotiate Like A Master)
    1. Step.1 – Acknowledge
    2. Step.2 – Isolate
    3. Step.3 – Handle
    4. Money Objection Negotiation
      1. Its an Investment
      2. Future Vision
      3. Price Or Term
      4. Are You The Decision Maker
    5. Partner Objection Negotiation
      1. Yes Or No
      2. What Will It Be
      3. What Happens If They Say No
      4. Cooling Off Period
    6. Time Objection Negotiation
    7. Stall Objection Negotiation
      1. Uncertainty (money & time)
      2. What is the worst thing that could happen to you.
  8. The Follow Up (Increase Your Sales Through Expert Follow Ups)
    1. Call follow ups
    2. Automated Messaging
    3. Email Templates


For more information or to speak with an expert about utilising this for your business, schedule a call below.

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Brand Experience


“They flooded in 140 new clients within 64 days of marketing... The results have been amazing!”


"172 clients have joined our Project since opening the gym 3 months ago. Anyone who wants to grow should contact Riley NOW!"


"We've been consistently adding 40+ members per month with More Gym Members - I recommend them to everyone!"

Ben Channon - BFitt

“I tripled my investment… And I can not say that’s ever happened with anything else”


“In total I've signed up 55 new girls… Such a relief cause I was seriously contemplating giving up on Personal Training.”


“I've worked with a whole heap of so called 'fitness marketing experts'... And the only person who has actually given a shit about me and my goals has been Riley.”


"I found Riley 5 months ago, before we even opened, and I'm so glad we did... It takes a village to raise a business!"

Lacey Szekely, Swet

“I didn't really have a business... I had a building with some people in it. We got down to 16 members before getting help, now we have over 50.”


"I was ready to leave the industry entirely... But now I'm been adding 5 new clients a week, have hired a trainer under me, and am looking at a second one now."


"I'd been struggling... So I got Riley on board, and within just 21 days he brought me an extra $7,000 and an 18x return on Adspend."


"I own 3 gyms and things hadn't been going well recently... Our own marketing wasn't working anymore, the 4 'marketing companies' we had tried didn't work, and my anxiety to make payroll was creeping up! Thankyou so much to Riley and the team for delivering such an amazing service and giving me peace of mind."

Robert Freeme, Fitranx

"When I started my business I knew I could rely on Jason... I went from nothing to 40 sessions a week in less than 3 months. It's great, I highly recommend joining."


"It takes many trainers years to hit 6 figures, but I went from 0-60 sessions/w within 2 months! I had to hire a sub contractor to help."


"We offer a premium service and started working with MGM 14 months ago... This quarter we went on a 2 month holiday and STILL had our highest quarter on record!"

Karlene Dagg - HK

Within 8 weeks of opening our first gym, we've gone from ZERO to BREAKING EVEN! More Gym Members has provided such a relief as we don't have to keep putting money in, and can now grow into profits.

Julian Barucca

"More Gym Members has provided FAR MORE leads than ANYONE else, and with their help I've been able to take my first holiday in 3.5 years!"


"We've had 81 new small group training members join so far, and with a new baby in the family I'm so relieved!"

Michael Sullivan, Focus

"They've helped us double our membership base and TRIPLE our revenue within 8 weeks! We're so thankful to be working with the amazing team at MGM."

Patrick & Hi Lal, Evolving Physiques

"$58,506 and 98 new clients in just 12 weeks... I'm very happy! If you want help, just do it!"


"When we first opened it was really tough. We just weren't getting enough leads! I worked with a few other marketing companies before coming across More Gym Members, and over the last 6 months we've signed up 163 new clients into our small group training! Very thankful for our progress."

Chris Turner, Zone

How To

Demolish All Competitors

As a passionate business owner, you care about your clients, service, and results. So naturally when you try marketing your business, you promote your service and all the value it brings.
The only issue is so does all 26 of your competitors in the area. Years ago, this common style of promotion used to work very well. But now your target market has seen the same promotions again and again for years from all your competitors… So it doesn’t work anymore. The industry is saturated.

…But it’s not competitive.

Some typical attempts to attract leads are as follows:

• Free trials • Free personal training sessions • ‘New year new you’ promotions • Frequent social posting and in-person networking • ’6-8’ week challenge

Any of these sound familiar? That’s the problem. The same things have been run for years so now your ideal client has gone completely blind to it.

Ok, so how DO we do it?

Simple. After spying on all your competitors and creating a landscape view of your market, we create a campaign perfectly positioned to stand out with the most profit and success. It cannot under any circumstances look like what your competitors have been using.

It all comes down to the fundamentals of human psychology. People are selfish, we want everything to be tailored about us. SO, we choose a niche market, and convey ALL marketing (at least the marketing they see) speaking directly to THEM. This means no more mentioning of YOUR service or price, no more “Sign up now” or “Join now” language, and no more gen-pop promotions. It just doesn’t work.

Imagine a 30 year old mum, seeing a project advertised especially for mums in her area, that really speaks to her struggles and desires and makes her UNDERSTAND that this is exactly what she needs. A lot different to throwing a bunch of free passes at her, right?

With the right Copywriting, Funnels, Advertising, Targeting, Split testing, Optimisation, Sales training and Business system development, we can bring more numbers in your door this month, than you’ve had in the last year.

Unfortunately, however, we can not help two competing businesses. Once one of your competitors begins working with us, it’s too late for you (especially in Brisbane!). If you’d like to claim your in-depth competitor landscape analysis, and discover how this can be tailored to you before your competitors, schedule a strategy session below.

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