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Staci Cretu Launches MainStreet Modern Marketing for Small Businesses

22 March, 2024

In a forward-thinking move designed to empower small businesses within the digital domain, MainStreet Modern Marketing has emerged onto the scene, committed to guiding local enterprises through the intricacies of online promotion. The brainchild of Staci Cretu, the seasoned marketing maven and head of Uncommon Marketing Works, this subsidiary was conceived with a singular mission: making sophisticated marketing strategies accessible and attainable for the small business sector.

Recognizing small businesses as the vital pillars of community commerce, MainStreet Modern Marketing is setting out to address the industry disparity where smaller entities often find themselves overshadowed by larger counterparts with more substantial marketing artillery. “Small businesses are the backbone of our communities,” Cretu emphasized, pinpointing a gap in agency focus that she’s determined to bridge.

With roots tracing back to an October preamble, the venture is now set to engage its full suite of services, affirming the belief that every business, big or small, should be equipped with top-tier marketing tools. “Our agency was founded on the principle that every local business, regardless of size or industry, deserves access to professional and effective marketing services,” Cretu remarked, attesting to a deep understanding of the unique hurdles and prospects local businesses encounter.

The germination of MainStreet Modern Marketing took place during a collaboration with an auto shop—clients of Uncommon Marketing Works—which juggled a constrained marketing budget alongside a desire for social media enhancement. This interaction illuminated the niche her agency could fill, extending supports that cater to those not requiring the extensive, hands-on approaches sought after by the start-ups and business-to-business companies typically aided by Uncommon Marketing Works.

MainStreet Modern Marketing is innovating client engagement through an online platform, delivering marketing solutions orchestrated by a combined force of human expertise and artificial intelligence. Clients gain access to a private portal where they complete a questionnaire to capture their unique marketing needs. From there, the team weaves their strategic magic.

“This is all done online with a choice of three plans,” Cretu explained. The streamlined process within the portal makes selecting a plan and filling out details efficient, moving seamlessly into managed execution. For bespoke requirements, the agency extends tailored service offerings, ensuring every small business finds exactly what they need to thrive.

Efficiency is key to MainStreet’s philosophy, with all communication channeled through the customer portal, fostering a self-service model, yet retaining the personal touch with readily available assistance. The site even hosts complimentary resources, guiding businesses through marketing decisions.

Transparency is underlined by monthly reports, furnishing insights into the performance and reception of the marketing strategies deployed. Cretu stresses the significance of this: “We are offering this so [small businesses] don’t have to think about it and can focus on their tasks.” The goal is to provide a clear and refined message that resonates with the appropriate audience through carefully selected channels, optimizing the return on investment for every dollar spent.

When it comes to services, prices range from $200 for a one-time service, up to $400 for monthly social media campaigns, inclusive of 18 posts with attractive graphics. For those looking for an even more comprehensive package, options extend to $1,300, which accommodates blog content, email newsletters, custom images, and monthly reports, with potential to scale up to $3,600 for advanced packages featuring a heavier volume of posts and video content.

Though nascent, MainStreet Modern Marketing anticipates a spirited start, projecting a $100,000 revenue in its maiden year with the objective of onboarding approximately 76 clients. “We built this out of a need to help small businesses. Hopefully, it works,” Cretu revealed, reflecting both the ambition and altruism fueling the venture. This diversification is hoped to complement the robust growth exhibited by Uncommon Marketing Works over recent years, positioning MainStreet as a beacon of guidance and growth in the realm of gym marketing and advertising for gyms, leading the way for more gym members and heightened gym lead generation through pivotal Facebook ads and other strategic marketing avenues.