Brand Experience

Ty Smith Named President & CEO of AMPM Marketing Agency

23 March, 2024

At the forefront of dynamic marketing solutions, AMPM Agency is charting a fresh course under the strategic leadership of its newly appointed President and CEO, Ty Smith. With a career spanning over a quarter of a century at the agency, Smith’s ascension to the helm comes as the esteemed Mark Bush retires, closing a commendable 43-year chapter with the organization.

Ty Smith’s journey with AMPM began more than 25 years ago, and since 2003, his vision has shaped the contours of the agency’s success as the Creative Director. Stepping into the role of President and CEO, Smith now oversees the full spectrum of the agency’s operations, encompassing branding, experiential design, and cutting-edge digital marketing initiatives.

Throughout Smith’s tenure, AMPM has cultivated robust partnerships with industry giants like Dow Chemical, GM, and IMARK Group. These alliances have enabled the agency to service an array of notable brands such as Styrofoam, TOP TIER, and DeVilbiss, while also expanding its client portfolio to include collaborations with DuPont, AAA, and Haydon, among others.

In the realm of recognition, the agency’s creative prowess has been consistently celebrated. Recently, AMPM’s dedication to excellence in writing, film production, branding, and digital marketing was honored with an impressive collection of accolades from the American Advertising Federation awards. The agency clinched the prestigious Best of Show and two Judges Choice awards in the 2023 competition, spotlighting its innovation and impactful contributions to the industry.

As gym marketing and advertising for gyms evolve, Smith brings a vision deeply attuned to the ever-changing landscape. His ambition is to propel the agency to new heights by leveraging a blend of timeless creativity and forward-thinking strategies to spark growth and deliver value for clients—a venture Smith refers to as a blend of innovation and inspiration.

“My goal is to build on the company’s incredible heritage and deliver growth for our clients through continued innovation and inspiration. Our progress is a testament to all the talented people and the dynamic mix of clients and brands,” stated Smith, underscoring his commitment to fostering a creative environment that nurtures both agency talent and client success.

For businesses seeking more gym members or embarking on gym lead generation campaigns, Smith’s direction signals a clear message: the agency’s dedication to adapting and excelling amidst industry shifts remains unwavering. Recognizing Facebook Ads and other digital platforms as pivotal tools, Smith’s leadership is poised to steer AMPM Agency toward a future where digital and traditional marketing harmonize to achieve unprecedented results amidst the unique challenges of the advertising landscape for gyms.

Clients partnering with AMPM can expect a continued tradition of excellence, with the promise of new methods and innovative approaches to market their services effectively. The agency’s success under Smith’s leadership will hinge on a profound understanding of where the marketing sector has been and where it is heading, ensuring that the strategies employed resonate with audiences and yield tangible returns.

In conclusion, the appointment of Ty Smith as President and CEO of AMPM marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for the marketing agency—one where expertise, dedication, and strategic foresight converge to create compelling narratives that resonate in the marketplace. As Smith and his team pave the way for a new era of marketing brilliance, clients can look forward to a partnership that fosters growth and molds enduring connections with consumers through inventive and engaging marketing initiatives.