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10 Super-Effective E-mail Marketing Tips

10 October, 2022

In our previous blog article, we looked at the importance of email marketing for your gym and why you need to work it into your marketing strategy. This brings us to the next thing you need to do – start a marketing campaign. To get this show on the road, consider these email marketing tips for gyms:


1. Create An E-mail Marketing Strategy 

Similar to other tools, email marketing is a tool. To make it work for your brand, you need to have a solid strategy in place.

Make sure your customer relationship management (CRM) strategy is reflected in your e-mail marketing plan. Identifying your target audience is the first step before working on developing interesting e-mail content.

To reach the most potential new customers, you can experiment with different strategies, such as segmenting your e-mail list. Or combine it with your SEO or social media marketing strategy.


2. Build Your E-mail List

Make an effort to grow your e-mail list. Email-based promotional messages with full permission are preferred over other marketing channels by 77% of consumers.

Take advantage of social media and your regular gym patrons to gain subscribers. Create a welcome email utilising a template that has a track record of success. To remain relevant, use personalisation to your advantage.

Additionally, maintain a regular schedule with emails that will keep your readers interested. These could include newsletters, meal plans, upcoming class reminders, and fun activities.


3. Develop Your E-mail Marketing Campaign 

You can use a variety of features in your e-mail marketing campaign. Your campaign can be boosted by using welcome e-mails, product teasers, pricing guides, and information about partner merchants – all of which are great tools to target potential clients and optimise brand recognition.


4. Optimise Content For Mobile Devices

Utilise the capabilities of mobile phones to your advantage by creating e-mails that are responsive to them.

Customers are 65% more likely to go through to your website or campaign if they open an e-mail on their cell phone first and then open it again on another device.

This is a particularly good strategy for appealing to younger viewers. Nearly 73% of those aged 18 to 24 check their e-mail on their phones.


5. Automate Your Process

E-mail marketing can be simplified through automation. The secret to structuring your gym’s promotional efforts is that it requires less work.

The process of sharing your information becomes concentrated and direct thanks to e-mail marketing automation. You can use a variety of e-mail marketing providers for this purpose, including MailChimp, Drip, and ConvertKit.


6. Fix Your Unsubscribe Rates

While growing your subscriber base is important, reducing your unsubscribe rates is just as important. The development of tracing and analytical tools made it simpler to expand your email list and understand the factors that led to its decline.

Analyze the data when testing your email’s content on test groups. This might help in your understanding of the metrics and the reasons why customers unsubscribe.


7. Create Catchier Subject Lines

The subject line is the basis for all of your email marketing efforts. One of the most successful email marketing tips for gyms is writing emails that are effective, and that process starts with the subject line.

Spend the time necessary to comprehend market dynamics and become more knowledgeable about what your readers want. This can make it possible for you to carefully plan out enticing subject lines.


8. Templates Make Life Easier

Use the various resources that are accessible online rather than relying on an old-school approach. Create marketing emails by using email templates.


9. Consider Segmentation 

You can target customers at various points in the sales funnel with the use of segmentation. By targeting various categories of people on your email list with distinct marketing materials, user segmentation helps you to take advantage of variety.

Compared to a broad-based advertising campaign, this strategy is less demanding and more successful.


10. Always Follow Up

Follow up with a steady stream of emails to maintain high engagement. This might be a twice-monthly newsletter or an automated birthday email with a coupon code or free gift. Your call to action should be succinct, engaging, and easy to remember.


The business world is changing, and your marketing strategy should follow suit. Email marketing tips for gyms can turn out to be the core part you were missing to quicken the growth of your business.

Alternatively, reach out to us if you require deep industry knowledge and know-how on how to develop a successful email marketing plan.