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Top E-mail Marketing Tips For Your Gym

07 October, 2022

You have the fitness routines, resources, and nutritious recipes to help people be the best versions of themselves. Next, you need a platform like email marketing for gyms to spread the word about your program…

Hello, e-mail marketing!


But first – why do gyms need this?

Given the high level of competition your gym faces, using conventional marketing strategies like direct mail and radio ads can be time-consuming and expensive. Email marketing offers a more effective way to advertise your gym.

For gyms and other small businesses, email marketing is a useful strategy because it does this: 


1. Saves You Money

Although traditional marketing or advertising campaigns can bring in fair profits, they can be expensive to produce. Whether a few dozen or a few thousand individuals see it, an e-mail campaign can be executed for a fraction of the price. 


2. E-mail Is Everywhere

For radio or print ads to be seen (or heard) by your customers and prospects, they must be in the correct location at the appropriate time. Your emails will be delivered as long as people have access to the internet, which is practically everyone these days.

Additionally, a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, can be used to view email. The message can travel anywhere and be seen and used at separate times from different devices.


3. Your Message Is Curated

For a variety of reasons, people subscribe to e-mail lists, and in this regard, there are still many people who are debating joining a gym. Although others may have previously signed up, they still want to benefit from discounts. You can individually tailor your message to each person on your list by using email marketing for gyms.


4. You Reach A Legitimate Audience

Traditional marketing implies that its target markets are interested. Because opt-in is required for email marketing, you can be sure that everyone who receives your communications is interested in what you have to say and is much more interested in your gym than someone who has never heard of it.


5. You Create A Personalised Experience 

Individualised content that you can’t post on social media might be needed by your gym’s members. Meal plans, workout schedules, update reports, and promotional offers are examples of this.

Offering these to your clients via email marketing makes it much easier to do so.


6. E-mails = Action

Prospective customers can now take action with even more ease thanks to email marketing. A quick click takes visitors to your landing page, removing the need for them to take additional steps to find your social media profiles or search for your website on Google.

Email marketing for gyms makes it simple to schedule a meeting or visit your website for both current members and potential clients.


7. You Get Better Reviews 

Like many other small businesses, gyms rely on customer reviews and comments. You can send out promotional emails along with a kind request for feedback.

When leaving a review on your website or page is as simple as clicking a star rating, customers are more likely to do so.


Now, let’s look at some ideas for email marketing for gyms you could use.

Create a newsletter subscription with weekly recipes and nutrition tips

✅ Promote different gym membership packages

✅ Create a 30-day workout challenge, with new exercises, sent every day

✅ Send email surveys to find out what your clients want more of

✅ Share progress photos and testimonials from your customers

✅ Use content blocks to promote your latest fitness articles and videos

✅ Send daily motivational quotes and stories to keep people inspired

✅ Show a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how you create your workouts


The business world is changing, and your marketing strategy should follow suit. Email marketing for gyms can turn out to be the core part you were missing to quicken the growth of your business.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this segment – 10 Super-Effective E-mail Marketing Tips. 

Until next time.