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2023 Digital Marketing Trends: ‘Girl Math’, ‘Sharpie High’, #Barbenheimer Trend!

24 March, 2024

In a whirlwind of social media excitement and consumer engagement, 2023 has unveiled a treasure trove of digital marketing trends that have left a lasting mark in the realm of online promotions. These vogues, some transient and others with more staying power, have not only captivated audiences but reshaped the strategies employed in sectors such as gym marketing and overall brand advertisement. As these trends evolve, let’s dive into a realm where fiscal discretion becomes pleasurable and storytelling captivates the digital community.

One standout phenomenon is ‘Girl Math,’ which graced the virtual scene in August, swiftly morphing personal finance into a topic as tantalizing as the latest runway fashions. This TikTok trend has men and women alike rationalizing their spending in ways that range from whimsical to downright ingenious. How does one justify a splurge? The answer lies in Girl Math—an approach where expenses are cleverly reinterpreted as savvy investments. The mantra is simple: if it’s used frequently, an item is not just a purchase but a cost-saving measure. A Dyson hair dryer, ostensibly priced at SG$619, breaks down to a mere SG$1.69 per use over a year, according to these calculations—now that’s Girl Math for you. This trend has taken a viral hold on consumer hearts, amassing over 1.9 billion views under its hashtag, showcasing the extraordinary power of relatable content in advertising for gyms and beyond.

Similarly, the internet found itself in a lighthearted uproar over the fictional drama at ‘Sharpie High’, which unfolded across TikTok. This episodic saga chronicled the lives of anthropomorphized Sharpie pens navigating teen angst and romance, amassing a riveting 38.5 million views. It’s a testament to the power of storytelling where even stationary can become the protagonist of viral content, leading to significant brand engagement.

The Barbie franchise also painted the world in bright tones of pink, with an estimated US$150 million marketing budget sparking collaborations that cross-pollinated fashion, lifestyle, and even real estate, teasing the senses with a Barbie-themed dreamworld. With Margot Robbie at the helm of the celluloid venture, this mega-campaign proved that significant branding moves could rival blockbuster releases, evidenced by the buzzworthy #Barbenheimer trend, where loyalty to brands was fervently displayed in the online space.

Trendjacking, a savvy digital technique where brands harmonize their messaging with the zeitgeist, has proven its effectiveness yet again this year. From snappy responses to the Taylor Swift Eras tour excitement to Coldplay’s concert announcements, businesses have become adept at harnessing the electricity of cultural moments. They crafted their own renditions of the popular Spotify Wrapped campaign, demonstrating an acute awareness of striking while the digital iron is hot and generating excitement for gym lead generation in the process.

In August, ‘Tube Girl’ became a symbol of urban confidence as content creator Sabrina Bahsoon’s viral London Underground dance spectacle echoed across TikTok. The #TubeGirl hashtag encapsulated a spectacle of self-assurance, clocking in a formidable 1.8 billion views and inspiring a suite of recreations and adaptations. The trend’s appeal even resonated across different markets, with brands incorporating the vivacious spirit of the trend into their promotions.

These trends underscore the versatility and creativity of digital marketing in 2023. They accentuate how critical it is for businesses, including those specializing in gym marketing and Facebook Ads, to stay nimble, adopting, and possibly reinventing viral phenomena to maintain relevance and engagement in an ever-shifting landscape.

As gym marketing aficionados and advertising gurus gear up for what the future holds, one thing is certain—embracing the digital zeitgeist with flair and adaptability can turn a standard campaign into a memorable marketing marvel, thereby attracting more gym members and creating a lasting impact. These 2023 trends are but a chapter in the ever-evolving playbook of digital marketing; they are a testament to the innovative drive that will continue to shape the industry.