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NinetyEight: Gen Z Agency Doubles Revenue, Wins Award

24 March, 2024

As the digital landscape continues to evolve at a breakneck speed, a fresh wave of savvy Gen Z-led digital marketing agencies is taking the industry by storm. One such agency, renowned for its innovative approach and a deep understanding of the latest trends, is redefining success in the realm of Gym Marketing and Advertising For Gyms. Let’s delve into the story of this groundbreaking agency that has doubled its revenue, secured industry giants as clients, and made an indelible mark on the digital marketing panorama.

Founded by dynamic Gen Z visionaries, the agency stands out for its youthful energy, inventive strategies, and genuine grasp of the digital dialect spoken by the upcoming generations. Since its inception in 2020, the agency’s mission has been to champion Gen Z’s presence within the digital marketing sphere. By harnessing the unabridged power of digital media channels such as TikTok and Instagram, and facilitating authentic engagements with influencers, this agency empowers brands and creates movements that resonate deeply with the Gen Z demographic.

Based in the pulsating city of Los Angeles, the agency operates a virtual network, tapping into a global clientele spanning the US, Asia, Australia, and the UK. Embracing the decentralized organizational model, it encourages contributions from every team member, making titles secondary to the wealth of ideas and feedback offered. This structure aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Gen Z, known for their multifaceted capabilities and their desire to work in an environment that recognizes and nurtures their varied skills.

A slim yet mighty team works harmoniously across three core departments: Client Services, Strategy + Insights, and Social Media Content Creation. Leadership comprises a trio of Co-Founders who skillfully oversee operations and business development. Over the past year, they have clinched significant accounts including Meta and Bumble, substantially increasing their clout in the sphere of Gym Lead Generation.

Clients spanning diverse industries from PepsiCo to innovative startups have witnessed this team’s prowess in reaching Gen Z. Their strategies and creative content not only have captivated audiences but also increased client retention and revenue, doubling figures from the previous year. The agency’s personnel has also expanded in number, emphasizing quality over quantity in their expertise.

Among the accolades collected, their social media campaign for a leading fashion brand proudly clinched a renowned award in the Social Media – Social Engagement category. Such recognition testifies to their authority in the Gen Z Marketing landscape, earning features in top-tier publications and guest spots on influential podcasts.

But what truly sets this agency apart is their revolutionary Gen Z research community — the Koi Pond. It’s a hub where young, no-filter perspectives are shared, providing clients with cutting-edge insights months ahead of traditional research firms. Case in point: this groundbreaking approach was instrumental in skyrocketing a client’s TikTok following to over 90K without any media spend — a testament to the potency of their content testing and feedback mechanisms.

The agency’s impact is not limited to client success — team members share glowing testimonials of personal and professional growth. Opportunities to expand skills and the encouragement to pursue individual interests are among the many reasons staff members find fulfillment and inspiration at the agency. This supportive culture nurtures not only cutting-edge marketing strategies but personal development, leading to a vibrant and collaborative workplace.

In conclusion, this Gen Z-led agency exemplifies the fusion of youthful exuberance with strategic acumen. Their meteoric rise and multiplied revenue are proof that they have the zeitgeist’s pulse and are masterfully translating it into palpable success for numerous businesses including those seeking More Gym Members. Through innovative strategies, a commitment to an inclusive culture, and a diligent understanding of the Gen Z audience, they truly represent the future of digital marketing. Whether for powerhouse brands or local gymnasiums seeking to enhance their digital footprint, this agency carries the torch for a new era of marketing excellence.