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5 Low-cost Ways To Promote Your Gym

20 September, 2021

As a business, your gym faces fierce competition in this rapidly expanding industry. Regardless of how amazing your in-house perks and features are, it can be quite challenging to keep new members coming consistently – and to source new ones, too.

With that in mind, what can you do to make your gym stand out in a thriving arena? What are some of the methods you can employ to reach the right target audience? Better yet, can you do all of this without breaking the bank?

Luckily, you have us to help you power through the maze that is an effective marketing strategy.

Let’s explore 5 cost-effective ways you can promote your gym:


Let Google Do The Talking

First up on the list is the free-to-use tool known as Google My Business. This way, you can list your business so that potential members may find you on their respective search results. Having your gym (or any business for that matter) listed is vital in the promotion of thereof.

Appearing on Google’s search results and maps places your potential gym members in a position where they can contact you and determine your location. Moreover, you can target users who are geographically close to you. Members can also leave reviews which can help in how your business is portrayed and perceived.


How do you claim your listing?

  • Visit Google My Business select ‘start now’.
  • Enter the name of your gym.
  • Enter your business address and select a relevant business category.
  • Add your business contact details and provide your website address.
  • Select your verification option and allow your potential gym members to find you with ease.


Make The Most of Social Media

Our digital age has made reaching your target audience easier than ever. On average, Facebook estimates that 2.7 billion people use its platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger) every month, with 2.1 billion users doing so each day.

Online advertising is very affordable and allows you to target audiences in a very cost-effective manner, regardless of who you wish to reach.

Join Facebook Ads Manager to create ads for your fitness business. It is important to drive home your marketing message in your ads and to be specific with your audience targeted so you do not waste money but reach those who might be potential gym members. You can find great resources to show you how to do this within Facebook Ads Manager.

Always pay attention to selecting imagery that speaks to your target audience. An advertising message targeting 30-year-olds and older isn’t likely to resonate with an 18-year-old.


Offer A Taste Test Experience

Sometimes people need a real taste of what they may experience when signing up with your gym. Give newcomers “credit” to use in your business and welcome them to experience the gym as they would as members.

This is where you pull out all the stops. Let them experience your gym culture, customer service, equipment and throw in a few free training sessions. Sometimes, potential gym members are hesitant to make a financial commitment, so you need to give them all the reasons to sign on the dotted line when the trial is over.

You may also consider a sign-up discount or utilising any holidays or special events to advertise your sign-up discount on your website and social media.


1-On-1 Training Sessions

Some new gym members may decide not to sign up. They walked in, roamed around, had a session with a trainer, but it’s all too intimidating. Not everyone is aware of gym culture or how to make the most of the equipment.

Offer new joiners BONUS 1-on-1 training or orientation sessions that take them through every single piece of equipment, workout plans and ideas on how to use your gym equipment. Make this your moment to shine as a customer-oriented business and watch those new joiners do their thing with word-of-mouth or social media referrals.


Be The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Not all freebies have to cost you an arm or a leg. Your insight and expertise can do the talking too. Get fitness influencers on board if you have the budget or share meal plans with different goals, workout plans, epic workout playlists and tips on what to wear for certain training sessions.

Promoting your gym is way more than just sleek advertising of ridiculously ripped people (it may work in some cases) but in the end, it’s about defining your culture and displaying your range of services, equipment, and training sessions. It’s about inviting potential gym members to become part of your growing membership base instead of setting unattainable standards that most people fear.


Last, but not least…It’s not always about selling, but more about providing a safe space filled with value and expertise.