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Which Gym Industry Leaders Should You Be Following on Instagram?

27 September, 2021

There has never been a better time to live an active, healthy lifestyle, in large part thanks to fitness influencers.

In addition to all the credible influencers sharing workout tips on social media, there are countless amateurs who are gaining popularity on Instagram by simply posting pictures. People with a perky bum, steely abs, and bulging biceps who post pictures of themselves at the gym are a lot different than those who share science-based evidence, exercises, and inspiring wellness tips.

Over the past year, influencer marketing has been one of the biggest hot topics. It conciliates word-of-mouth marketing with the support of celebrities, bringing the best of both worlds to the table. This form of marketing uses non-celebrity endorsements and testimonials, causing people to trust it more.

Fitness influencers are everywhere on social media, and they dominate the industry. Marketers who leverage influencers can increase engagement, sales, and ROI for their brands. Their loyal followers engage with their content regularly, providing brands with a world of marketing opportunities.

Non-celebrity endorsements influence 30% of consumer purchases. Because these non-celebrities know their niches, they are experts in their fields. Through their credible opinions, they have earned the trust of the people.

Generally speaking, gyms and studios have a lot to learn from fitness influencers, especially since they are the leaders of the industry. For the absolute best in fitness content, check out who you must follow on Instagram.


Not so long ago, Luke Worthington was an international athlete with the United States Olympic team. He now lives his best life as a Nike trainer, sports scientist, and personal trainer to many celebrities, models, and athletes. His knowledge and expertise in human movement make him one of the most respected people in the industry.


Arias is one of the biggest names in fitness and she has built her popularity by inspiring people to work hard, to persevere when they face obstacles, and to never quit. Moreover, she is not the biggest fan of aesthetics, which definitely means her Instagram account is packed with wholesome content centred around body positivity.


Kemp founded Farm Fitness, a gym in the English countryside containing hay bales, barrels, and ropes that helps people develop strength and fitness. As an advocate for exercising outdoors, he shares pictures and videos to encourage you to do so.


As an active child, Jen Esquer participated in gymnastics, track and field, and dance. She is now a marathoner. After achieving a doctorate in physical therapy, she also became a Pilates instructor and a yogi based in Los Angeles. In addition to hosting online mobility challenges, she offers daily functional movement tips on her Instagram account. Her specialty is mobility. Any information you get from her Instagram is backed up with thorough knowledge of how the human body functions.


This beauty has achieved so much more than just working as a trainer on The Biggest Loser. A renowned health and fitness expert, she holds certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Dynamax Master Trainer, and CrossFit Level 1, in addition to writing a book entitled, Diet Right for Your Personality Type. Get inspired by her Instagram feed for workout ideas, and check out her latest projects-then get a taste of her advice in our 40-Day Crush-Your-Goals Challenge.


You can read about how Victoria’s Secret models and fit celebrities train by following Joe Holder (a Nike trainer, run coach, and fitness nutrition specialist), you’ll get an education on exercise science, and you’ll get handouts on the top readings. The former college football player is a living demonstration of the phrase “never stop learning.” He has coined his own holistic health theory, The Ocho System, which taps into nutrition and exercise to train clients for health and performance-not just six-pack abs.


Among fitness Instagrammers and internet users, we’re all familiar with this superfit woman. Besides creating the craziest Tabata workouts ever, Kaisa Keranen can work out anywhere, any time. (Check out her toilet paper workout.)

Then there’s her intellect behind her gym acrobatics. In addition to the master’s degree in sports performance and injury prevention and the NASM certification in performance enhancement, the former track and field athlete has a background in sports psychology.


Dr Laura Miranda, who holds master’s degrees in physical therapy, strength and conditioning coaching, nutrition, and personal training, is one of the most highly qualified fitness professionals in the world.
The perfect example of her dedication is her Instagram feed, which shows her commitment to empowering women. Exercise isn’t restricted to the gym — she posts moves and routines to show you can practice fitness anywhere.


Joseph David uses his personal trainer certification from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and bachelor of science in exercise science to create an Instagram feed that will leave you inspired to do every plank workout there is. His profile offers a lot of workout plans and exercises that are dance-inspired.


Jeanette Jenkins launched herself as a fitness rock star when she began working with Pink, Alicia Keys, and Amber Rose, among others. (Remember that awesome aerial performance Pink did at the 2017 AMAs? She is the one responsible for the amazing core strength training Pink still praises today.)

A star-studded clientele isn’t her only claim to fame as a trainer. As an Honours graduate from the University of Ottawa in human kinetics and 18 additional international certifications, Jenkins possesses the qualifications to back up all of these achievements.


Rye is a passionate advocate for the plethora of benefits that exercise brings beyond aesthetic change, and noted in a recent Instagram post that she is an anti-diet weight-inclusive trainer who stresses the mental and physical benefits of exercise. The majority of her workouts are driven by fun and not punishment.


In his training, Agieri doesn’t hold back about discussing his aesthetic goals, or about being able to notice when an image of him has been enhanced by good lighting and editing. Posts on his Instagram account include workout ideas, highlighting the TRX, a piece of equipment that is commonly overlooked.


Fearon is a Nike trainer and the head coach at Sweat by BXR, a stylish gym in London. Along with useful fitness content, Fearon is known for posting inspirational messages that will help you feel motivated to move and achieve your goals.


A passionate advocate for carbs and a healthful relationship with food, Lucy Mountain is on a mission to end the demonisation of carbs and proliferation of weight-loss teas. To hammer home her points in a humorous way, she posts hilarious videos, tasty recipes, and witty infographics.


Having previously competed in CrossFit, he now emphasizes “functional bodybuilding,” which integrates CrossFit ideas and bodybuilding principles, as well as all-around fitness. He also helps you to build your conditioning as well as strengthen your muscles.


As one of the most influential fitness Instagram users, Michelle Lewin has almost 13 million followers. She went from working at a clinic in Venezuela to becoming one of the biggest fitness stars. Her down-to-earth personality makes her very approachable on social media despite her fame.


With 12 million followers on Instagram, Jennifer Selter is a fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle influencer based in New York. As a teenager, working as a front desk clerk at a local gym was where her fitness journey began.

She joined Instagram to cultivate and build a community of like-minded individuals, which made her one of the top fitness influencers on the platform. Why is she famous? An increasingly popular booty-boosting regime. On social media (Instagram in particular) she’s built an empire out of her hobby.


The name Simeon Panda is familiar to all fitness junkies. It wasn’t until 2013 that the trainer began blogging. He’s racked up 10 million followers since then. In addition to competing in numerous competitions, the fitness influencer has appeared on the covers of numerous fitness magazines.


The New York Times Bestselling author and yoga teacher Rachel Brathen is a Swedish yoga professional. It is true that she accidentally found social influence, but she now boasts 2.1 million followers. As a result, she became one of the most popular fitness Instagram accounts by preaching the yoga lifestyle and selling classes online from anywhere.


Kayla Itsines is the founder of The Bikini Body Training Company. A significant fitness influencer in Australia is the author of the e-book series “Bikini Body Guide,” and a personal trainer. She wants to inspire women to be happy and confident by helping them achieve their ideal bodies.

Her daily YouTube postings of short exercise videos have made her one of the best Instagram fitness models. Over 10 million women trust her workout routines and recipe guides, which have created an active community. The pictures she posts of her followers before and after the program’s work are often used to promote the program’s effectiveness.

Our discussion of fitness and social media is, in general, about marketing, engaging with your customer base, or even interacting with your target market. Instagram is a useful marketing tool but also serves as a wellspring of inspiration, a resource that no entrepreneur should be without.

Moreover, with 2021 leaning towards the 4th quarter, the whole ‘new year, new body’ mission may as well become something of the past. From what you can witness in the list we compiled below, it is all about knowing your body, your limits, having fun with fitness, maintaining a healthy relationship with food and pushing yourself in a manner that is not destructive.