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Attract New Clients And Retain Existing Ones With 3 Simple Facebook Posts

25 July, 2018

As a business, your job has always been to add value and help those who come to you.

So for fitness businesses, the answer is pretty simple. People want 3 major benefits of using your services:

1. Health

2. Joy

3. Community

Just using these three ‘wants’, you will never run out of content to share.

But before we dive into it, why should you be frequently posting? And how often is enough?

There are two major reasons.

The first is exposure. As current followers engage with your content, others outside of your ecosystem will consequently be exposed to your brand thanks to Facebook’s algorithm.

Imagine a current or past client tagging their friend in a post who was never aware of your existence?

BOOM! You’ve just received a mini-referral.

Not only this, but frequent posting builds trust and authority. Potential clients see your knowledge, dedication and client success stories, winning them over to your brand.

The second reason you want to post often is for retention. Someone constantly engaged and enjoying your brand and messaging, is satisfied. They will stay.

A community that is built upon Facebook, one that people can bring with them everywhere, talking to each other, seeing the latest gossip… People love this. Keep a strong sense of community going online, and your clients will never leave you.

So, how often is enough?

3 times a week should do it. Ofcourse, if you can do more that’s great, post daily. But if you are very struck for time, make it at least 3 times per week.

Now, back to what you should actually be posting…

Health. A perfect opportunity and easy post is a recipe. It could be a healthy, simple, clean meal for those looking to slim down. Or, you could post a recipe designed for packing on muscle. Whatever it is really, people love to eat great food. So sharing diet-related content works very well.

Joy. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to throw in some memes or funny videos here and there. Funny story to share? Go for it! It’s important to give your business come character, let people know the business is run by real people, not robots.

Community. This could be client success stories, motivational quotes, local events, welcoming on new members, or just latest news. You will be astonished how strong your own community becomes, when you begin publicly welcoming on new members, and sharing the successes people achieve.

Easy enough right!?

What have you found to be the best type of post? Drop a comment!

Riley Stewart – I bring more clients to your Fitness business.