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5 Ways Your Fitness Business Is Ruining Lead Generation… And How To Fix

27 July, 2018

I can sure see why you might want to do it.

You know what I mean. Sending traffic to your website, asking for a bunch of details from the prospect…

But too many do it all wrong, and suffer because of it. Maybe you will read this and gain peace of mind that you are on the right track, maybe you will learn some ways to improve your campaigns, or maybe you will leave thinking “As If anyone actually does it like this”

…But they do. And it’s just part of the process. Let’s run through the scenario.

You run traffic to your business website, and pray the prospect manages to fill in their details and become a lead.

But there are not as many leads coming through as you hoped for.

Fitness Businesses, and FitPros, take note…

Where exactly are you sending these people?

While many businesses experience a traffic-lead conversion rate of around 1%, it is very possible to have above 20% of all visitors become a lead!

Imagine if you suddenly had 20x more leads come into your business? What would that do for you?

So here is where it gets interesting. Ugly converts better. There are plenty of beautiful webpages out there, but the thing is, the most simple and non-distracting pages convert the best.

This is constantly being split test, not just by me, but by marketers everywhere… and ugly continues to win.

So how can you improve, and become more ugly?

1. Background images. These cause a huge distraction and lower conversions. Stick to a single-colour background without image.

2. Menus. If you can, remove any and all menus that direct people to other pages, distracting them from filling in their details.

3. Less details. If your goal is to talk to them, why grab details such as address or postcode? With every extra detail required of them, you decrease your conversions. Keep it minimal.

4. Remove 90% of your information. I know it goes against what you might first think to be the case, but when you add a lot of info about your product/service/offer, it DOESN’T actually explain and help sell the idea. You would think it clarifies things for readers… but really it just opens up more questions and confusion… dropping your conversions.

5. Landing page. Don’t send traffic directly to your website home page. Unless your home page is a lead-squeeze page, don’t send them to your home page and pray they navigate their way to the correct page and become a lead. Take them directly to the destination.

The two images I have provided show just this. They are both screenshots of webpages from two different gyms.

The first one, asking for all the information, all though it looks more professional, sees a conversion of around 3%.

JUST LOOK HOW DAUNTING THIS IS!? Yet a major gym chain still uses this method…

While the second form, sits happily at 22% conversion rate.