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Digital Marketing Project Empowers Indigenous Talent in Canada

24 March, 2024

In a determined effort to enhance inclusivity and economic opportunities within the digital landscape, the digital technology sphere is witnessing an exciting evolution. The flourishing field of digital marketing, a vital component in today’s business strategies including Gym Marketing and Advertising For Gyms, is extending its reach to encompass Indigenous talent through innovative training initiatives. The recent funding injection provided by DIGITAL, Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for digital technologies, galvanizes this movement by backing the Raising Voices Project.

This pivotal initiative, created in collaboration with NPower Canada and Jelly Academy, is designed to pave pathways for the underserved Indigenous communities, endowing them with essential micro-credentials and the opportunity for paid work experience among eminent Canadian employers. This effort not only aims to launch meaningful careers in digital marketing but also contributes to the cultural and economic fabric of the nation.

In a world where economic transformations are swift, the necessity for accessible and affordable training grows increasingly urgent. The Government of Canada’s Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program has supported DIGITAL’s co-investment in the Raising Voices Project, which operates under the Digital Learning Lab – DIGITAL’s national platform committed to cultivating digital talent and workforce development.

Sydney Goodfellow, the Director of DIGITAL’s talent-focused program, underscored the importance of fostering equity and diversity within Canada’s tech sector as pivotal to sustained national growth and well-being. DIGITAL prides itself on supporting endeavours like the Digital Marketing Sector Council (DMSC), which strive to ensure equitable access to vital digital skill sets and employment avenues.

The Raising Voices Project will employ funding strategically to provide Indigenous trainees with not just skills in digital marketing, but also holistic professional development, guidance from elders, and indispensable job placement aid. Darian Kovacs from the DMSC elaborated on the comprehensive nature of the program, which addresses the multifaceted needs of participants.

It’s not only about providing education; it’s also about cultivating the future trailblazers of the marketing industry. The initiative has garnered support from leading industry partners, who offer valuable apprenticeships. Notably, Accenture and TD Bank Group have partnered to grant four individuals a 12-month paid internship.

TD’s commitment to enhancing diverse talent has been vocalized by Jenn Lang, VP Enterprise Customer Experience and Insights at TD. She has witnessed how inclusive practices enhance customer experiences and positions TD as an appealing career destination for talent from Indigenous communities. Similarly, Brent Chaters of Accenture Song underscored how the Raising Voices Project answers the call for creating opportunities for historically marginalized demographics. The initiative represents a significant stride in the industry’s pursuit of accessible, diverse representation, and embodies the corporate responsibility to drive positive change.

The collaborative forces of education partners Jelly Academy and NPower Canada work to expediently upscale job seekers from Indigenous backgrounds. Jelly Academy’s contribution includes equipping participants with 11 recognized certifications in digital marketing, while NPower Canada complements these efforts with further professional development, recruitment, and placement services.

For individuals eager to delve into the realms of Gym Lead Generation and Facebook Ads through an Indigenous lens, the Raising Voices Project presents an auspicious opportunity. Currently, there are 16 scholarships available specifically for Indigenous Peoples in Canada. These scholarships represent a beacon of hope and progress, offering necessary resources for both personal and professional advancement.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit the Raising Voices Program page to explore the scholarship application process and the various course offerings. With More Gym Members at heart, this project signifies a momentous step towards nurturing a diverse talent pool that can propel the digital marketing industry to new heights of creativity, efficiency, and inclusivity.