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Streaming Dominates TV as Linear Viewership Declines Below 50%

24 March, 2024

In an era marked by the rapid transformation of media consumption, connected TV (CTV) has emerged as a powerful force, reshaping how we engage with television. The audience share for traditional broadcast and cable television – known as linear TV – has plummeted below 50%, per insights from Nielsen. Conversely, streaming has captured the limelight, accounting for almost 39% of total TV usage. For viewers, the lure of CTV lies in its versatility, affordability, and the breadth of content it offers. From a marketing perspective, CTV’s sophisticated advertising prowess has opened up unprecedented opportunities.

With a burgeoning number of consumers cutting the cord and embracing streaming services, the landscape of TV viewership has altered dramatically. Conventional methods of couch potato-ing have given way to curated entertainment experiences, made possible by CTV’s advancement. As Gym Marketing professionals or anyone interested in Advertising For Gyms look ahead to the possibilities of 2024, recognizing the substantial advantages of CTV advertising is pivotal. Let’s delve into the three major benefits that CTV provides for marketers and advertisers.

First, the precision and performance tracking. In stark contrast to the opacity that shrouded the impacts of linear TV advertising, CTV offers a transparent and measurable marketing environment. “TV is [now] a performance machine, like search and social, with affinity-based targeting, audience segmentation, incrementality reporting, and accurate real-time attribution,” explains Jennifer Brickler, from a CTV performance marketing platform, highlighting the reliable connection established between views and subsequent consumer actions. For brands dedicated to Gym Lead Generation or seeking More Gym Members, the potential to meticulously track the effectiveness of campaigns extends a granular understanding of advertising impact, much like digital channels such as search and social media.

Second, targeting and quality content convene in CTV. With the enrichment of content exclusive to streaming platforms, the notion that quality would be sacrificed with a switch from traditional to connected viewing is a myth dispelled. Taylor Ash from a demand-side platform notes, “Some of the best shows out there you can only get in streaming,” assuring that CTV provides high-quality content alongside smarter, more optimized advertising decisions. Moreover, the convergence of quality content and audience-based targeting through data such as in-market segments makes it a formidable channel for advertisers, eschewing the need to predict search terms or viewing habits.

Third, the new possibilities for creative activations. Traditional linear advertising was restricted to set formats which often lacked the flexibility for quick changes. CTV, by contrast, offers Gym Marketing professionals the agility required in the digital age. Advertising For Gyms can now leverage non-skippable, compelling video communication which vividly brings the brand to life. This instant adaptability and personalization to different segments can dynamically enhance Gym Lead Generation and brand connections.

As detailed by Sarah Monahan from a leading streaming interface company, CTV doesn’t only match the scale-building prowess of linear TV but extends it by fusing the foundational audience base with the cream of digital capabilities. Brands can now consider beyond the typical ad slots and visualise their presence on user interfaces, home screen banners, or even within emergent virtual domains like Roku City – a rich testament to the multiplicity of innovative placements that CTV affords.

Finally, as the digital environment continues to evolve, direct-to-consumer brands find their nirvana within connected television. Entities that honed their advertising acumen on social platforms are finding the CTV space inviting, as it mirrors the simplicity and control they cherish, paired with the magnified canvas that television provides. Eric John from IAB encapsulates this sentiment, noting the increasing feasibility of brands selecting their audience, uploading creative, and swiftly launching campaigns.

The viability and value proposition of connected TV as a fertile ground for targeted, engaging, and measurable advertising cannot be overstated. For marketers, particularly those concentrated on the fitness industry, such as More Gym Members and Advertising For Gyms, this burgeoning medium offers a synergy of big-screen prestige with the granularity and agility of digital platforms. As we advance further into the digital age, embracing CTV’s capabilities will not only be a strategic move but might soon become an indispensable component of comprehensive marketing strategies.