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Effective Time Management For Fitness Coaches

29 January, 2020

You can always get more money, but you can’t get more time!” There has been no wiser word spoken about effective time management for Fitness Coaches than this from one of the all-time greats and my favourite in personal development, the late Jim Rohn.

Maintaining a balance of time spent working IN your fitness business, ON your fitness business and OUT of your fitness business is crucial to your success as a business owner. This balance enables you to work with members in sessions, maintain focus on growth and the overall operation of your business and gives you time to spend with family, friends or other interests and hobbies you may have.
Here are 3 rules that when implemented, will make you more exclusive as a fitness professional, more productive in growth tasks and in my opinion, enjoy your business a whole lot more! Let’s delve into my top time management tips.

Time Blocking WORKS!

The below is an example of time blocking that some commonly refer to as an “Ideal Week”. The basic principle behind this system is to allocate blocks of time to each of your weekly responsibilities, e.g. sessions, administration, sales and marketing, family time, personal development etc.
The key to using this system successfully is to stick to your time blocks and work ONLY the designated task in the time you have allocated to it. This means not booking sessions in time you have allocated for administrative tasks, turning off Facebook when it comes time to write your weekly blog and turning the phone off when it comes time to spend with your friends and family!


Prioritise your Task List (Action List)

Prioritising your Task List provides clarity when working ON your Fitness Business and ensures that the most important items are completed first. Using a Task List such as the one below provides you with a primary focus each day and limits procrastination – the enemy of efficiency! Even if you were to only complete your #1 focus each day when working on your business, you would have completed 5 to 6 tasks each week – which is often a great deal more than those who are stuck scrolling the Facebook Newsfeed, thinking of what to do first!


Complete one Item at a time

Are you guilty of eating your lunch while you read your emails? I was too, until I found half my lunch on my keyboard , accidentally sent an email that I hadn’t finished writing and spent the next 10 minutes cleaning up the mess!
Many believe that being efficient with their time means completing more than one action item at a time. This is simply not the case – in fact, it’s the opposite!

The most common time block that Fit Biz owners employ multi-tasking is when working their “Task List” (Action List) – time they allocate each day to working ON their fitness business. Multi-tasking when working your Task List is extremely inefficient and often doubles the time needed to complete items. It leads to items not being completed in full or to the level of quality you desire and can even result in some items being missed.

Why one at a time?

In order to complete your Task List to the level of professionalism, you want to uphold in your business, work on one item at a time. Completing one item at a time ensures that each item receives your 100% focus and attention – which results in each item being completed more efficiently, effectively and you having a little more time to finish your lunch!

Learn to manage your time using these 3 simple rules and avoid the dreaded “burn out” which many gym owners. and personal trainers unfortunately succumb to in our industry.

Beau Zorko is an accomplished Fitness Studio Owner & Fitness Business Coach. For the past 8 years, Beau has specialised in helping Fitness Professionals all over the world, equipping them with tools to gain more clients, streamline their business systems and build the business and lifestyle they deserve. If you’d like to know how to get your business working like a machine, schedule a free 15-minute strategy call with More Gym Members here