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5 Gym SMS Templates You Should Be Using

16 January, 2020

SMS can be a very valuable tool for a fitness business. It allows you to communicate with both prospective and current members, and since we are all busy texting, posting and tweeting away these days it is a relevant channel that often gets you a quick response back.

Are you using SMS as a tool?

If you aren’t using SMS as a tool yet, then consider engaging with an SMS provider so you can send mass blasts from your computer instead of manually texting from a phone. There are some very smart services out there for Gym SMS marketing that have features such as auto-respond texts, specific words that the receiver can use to trigger particular messages, multimedia sends and much more. For now, though let’s just focus on the basics. 

SMS allows you to chat directly with your customers or prospective customers in a very non-invasive way. There are many key times throughout the customer lifecycle when we need to educate, inform and nurture. 

We’ve identified 5 of these key times, each with a different purpose, and have provided below for your use 5 easy to use SMS templates.


5 Tried And Tested Gym SMS templates For Your Fitness Business:

Immediately after a lead is received

This would be best automated through a software system to make sure as soon as a lead is received that an SMS is sent without you having to manually manage this task. It immediately establishes a connection to your business with the prospective client, and starts the nurturing process for this lead, building a relationship and letting them know their business is important to you.  It also provides a channel for direct communication. 

Dear <Firstname>, Thanks for your interest in <GymName>! We would love to help you reach your health & fitness goals. One of our friendly team will be in contact shortly to discuss your requirements and how we may be of assistance. Really looking forward to chatting with you soon! <GymOwnerName>


Referral Promotion

Membership Referral Programs allow you to bring in new highly qualified leads with a very little marketing budget. SMS’s should be one of the ways you let your members know about this style of promotion. 

Dear <ClientName>, you have been an awesome member of <GymName> and if we’re honest, we want more awesome members just like you. Do you know of anyone who may be interested in joining us? If so, reply back with their details and in return I can offer you <incentive>, and your friend <joiningincentive>. Let me know! <GymOwnerName>


Re-engaging Old Gym Leads

If you have a long list of old contacts sitting in a CRM or spreadsheet somewhere don’t write these leads off as unconverted enquiries. An SMS can provide some very quick and easy wins to get these leads excited about your business and making contact with you once again. 

Hey <FirstName>, we have 2 memberships left for our current promotion at <GymName>. Text back ‘yes’ to claim your complimentary session TODAY!


New Client Check-Ins

Retaining gym members is much more cost-effective than trying to find new ones. Do you have a new client onboarding process that ensures new clients feel welcomed, understand how everything operates, and feel comfortable enough to provide regular feedback to the business (and know which channels to use to do so)? SMS should be part of your plan. 2 days after a new client starts send them a check in SMS such as this:

Hi <FirstName>. How is everything so far at <GymName>? We hope you are settling in ok,  and if you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to reply to this message, or to ask one of the staff at the gym. I really hope it is going well. <GymOwnerName>


Gym Membership Renewal

Don’t let clients waltz out the door at the end of their contract because you weren’t proactive in keeping them. In the lead up to a client contract ending, make sure you touch base with them to re-sign. Here’s an SMS that works well:

Hey <FirstName>! It’s [My First Name] from <GymName>. It looks like your membership is set to expire in <numberofdays> days. You have been a great part of our community and hope you will continue. Reply <yes> to continue on with your membership, or if you have any questions or concerns please let me know. Also, I’d love to give you a little <insertincentive> as a thank you if you do resign. Thanks! <GymOwnerName>

SMS can be applied to the majority of marketing and customer service initiatives at your gym or personal training business. If you aren’t using it, or are not using it as one of your main communication channels then we strongly recommend you get on board and hope you enjoy the Gym SMS templates above!


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