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GISD Students Spearhead Own Digital Marketing Campaign

24 March, 2024

In the bustling world of digital marketing, where Gym Marketing and More Gym Members are the talk of the town, an inspiring narrative has unfolded in El Paso, Texas. The Gadsden Independent School District (GISD) has taken a bold leap into the future of education and industry collaboration. In October of 2023, GISD joined forces with local media powerhouses to spotlight the district’s unparalleled educational offerings and attract top-tier teaching talent.

During my enlightening meeting with Mr. Patrick Dempsey, Superintendent, and Ms. Rosy Villalobos, Associate Superintendent for Federal Programs, along with GISD’s leadership team, I was struck by the district’s commitment to innovation and the rich resources it offers students. Among these is a cutting-edge marketing and production class that rivals a professional marketing agency in its capabilities.

The idea was simple yet audacious: empower GISD students to create and execute a comprehensive digital marketing campaign for their district. The response from GISD leadership was a resounding endorsement of their students’ potential: “They can do it!”

I had the privilege of visiting the talented marketing class at Gadsden High School, led by Ms. Isela Ramos, and the production class at Chaparral High School, guided by Mr. Stephen Gabaldon. Together, we outlined the campaign’s objectives: to showcase GISD’s distinctive programs and aid in teacher recruitment—a task that would require ingenuity and adherence to professional standards.

The campaign’s creation was a testament to the students’ dedication and skill. Marketing students crafted the core message and designed compelling graphics, while their audio-visual peers produced four captivating videos. All of this was achieved amidst state testing and their daily commitments at home and school.

The fruits of their labor were banner ads and video ads that required meticulous planning—from graphic design to location scouting and video production. This student-led campaign debuted on on November 16, 2023, with subsequent appearances slated for December.

The campaign’s unveiling was a moment of triumph. Students from Gadsden High School presented their work with confidence, detailing the hurdles they overcame to meet their goals. Adrian Quintero, an audio-visual student from Chaparral High School, highlighted the challenge of time management and the difficulty in translating ideas into concise 15-second videos.

Superintendent Travis Dempsey beamed with pride as he witnessed his students embodying the GISD spirit—showcasing how students from different schools could unite to convey a message that epitomizes the district’s ethos.

This initiative is not only a showcase of student talent but also a blueprint for Advertising For Gyms and Gym Lead Generation strategies that prioritize creativity and community engagement. By involving students in real-world projects, GISD is nurturing future marketers who understand the power of digital platforms like Facebook Ads in reaching target audiences.

The success of this campaign is a testament to the belief that when educational institutions harness technology and creativity, and most importantly, trust in their students and teachers, remarkable outcomes are possible.

For those interested in learning more about GISD’s innovative student programs or career opportunities within this forward-thinking district, I encourage you to explore their website at Here you will find a community where education meets real-world experience—a place where students don’t just dream about the future; they actively shape it.