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How To Increase Customer Retention At Your Gym

30 September, 2022

There are numerous causes of customer retention in gyms. When it comes to the customer some of the reasons include:

  • Lack of progress
  • Loss of motivation
  • Memberships are too expensive
  • Local competition
  • Not enough time
  • They don’t receive the right care or training

To ensure that your members are well looked after, inspired, and receiving the support they need to be active and motivated, there are a few various method for customer retention in gyms and best practices that you can implement.

But first…WHY is retention important in your gym?

As was already mentioned, only a small part of the struggle is getting members through the door. For the upcoming weeks, months, and years, you want to keep those members. Building trust and loyalty as well as separating yourself from the competition are key parts of doing this.

It’s possible that you ran a particular referral program or organised an event that temporarily increased membership sales. However, retaining your current membership base is essential for long-term economic success.


1. Create A Loyalty Program

A small amount of extra value for members can go a long way. They are aware that you offer the resources necessary for them to achieve their fitness objectives, but adding a rewards system can give them an extra incentive.

You can show your appreciation and give your members a feeling of genuine respect. Consider rewarding members with incentives or prizes once they reach a certain milestone in their membership.

For example, after they’ve been a member for a while, give them a goody bag of exercise equipment. The loyalty benefits, such as discounts to a massage therapist, might increase the longer a member remains at your gym.

Rewarding your members for being dependable clients is the goal.


2. Have An Excellent Blog Ready

Your members will benefit from your published blogs and engaging content. To keep your audience informed, you can post gym highlights, discuss the latest trends in fitness, or even have your own personal trainers write guest blogs.

A blog also offers a fresh way to simplify more complicated topics like good nutrition and diet. You may also offer members helpful exercise advice so they’ll be more prepared the next time they visit the gym. 

A blog is a great addition to your retention strategy since it gives your members a sense of belonging to a community and promotes loyalty.


3. Get Personal With Your Gym Members 

Make your members feel like family, to put it simply.

For many people, going to the gym can sometimes be intimidating and discouraging. Therefore, the more you can do to make them feel at ease and demonstrate your concern, the better.

Make a mental note to talk to them so you can learn more about what they’re looking for. To help people feel more connected to you and the services you provide, you might give them advice.


4. Create A Community Within Your Gym 

Given that many people visit your gym to exercise, giving members access to fitness equipment is a fantastic place to start. Can you, however, go a step further to foster a sense of community?

Including different activities, exercise classes, and events to bring people together is a fantastic approach to achieving this. These can be challenges that members sign up for to compete against one another or other social events where they can meet and speak with personal trainers.


5. Maintain Excellent Customer Service 

Nobody enjoys walking into a gym where they don’t feel like their needs are being served or being greeted by a rude receptionist. Professionalism and providing the best customer service to your members will put them at ease and make them feel valued.

They’ll be inspired to visit the gym since they understand that they’ll be treated fairly. And when your members are happy and comfortable, they’ll be more likely to stay for the long run.


6. Allow For Flexible Memberships

While you want to keep your members around as long as you can, you don’t want to make them stay. This can cause friction, distrust, and ultimately a member who might never come back

Members may need to pause or cancel their memberships for a variety of real and valid reasons. Giving them the choice to freeze it rather than cancelling it can be an excellent method to get them to return to your gym.

However, if you do give members the choice, it can be crucial to have clear rules outlining the conditions. Your members will be informed in advance of what will occur, giving them the option to halt their membership at any time.


Retaining gym memberships can be difficult. We get it.

Analyzing the data you already have and looking at your current membership is one of the best things you can do first. You can create a plan and identify potential problem areas by beginning here.

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