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How To Run A Winning Gym Membership Promotion

19 September, 2022

The success of a fitness business depends on spreading the word, as all gym owners should and probably know about gym membership promotion. 

For a month or two when a gym is first opening, the initial buzz may be sufficient to draw customers. To maintain this consistency, though, you’ll need to come up with new marketing concepts and tactics throughout time.

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to step up your fitness marketing, draw in more clients, increase cash flow, and bolster your bottom line is to run gym membership promotions. However, there is a lot of information available on promotions, making it challenging to determine which deals and tactics are effective.

This is crucial because, contrary to what many fitness entrepreneurs believe, utilising incorrect marketing at the wrong time might actually damage your brand more than it helps.

However, don’t let it stop you because we’re going to look at seven gym membership promotion strategies in this post that will take your fitness business to new heights, as well as what elements make up a great promotional campaign.

Let’s get into it…


1. Gain Those Leads With Bring-A-Friend-For-Free

Your most effective membership salesperson might not be employed by you. Instead, there’s a strong probability that they’re the people that train every week in your facility.

This is because personal recommendations are a very effective type of advertising. By giving your current members the option to bring a friend along for free, you can capitalise on their success and satisfaction.

Effective word-of-mouth remains, to this day,  unrivalled.

While your competitors’ businesses are slowing down, consider implementing a referral program to promote new sign-ups and increase your revenue flow. By rewarding your existing members if their friends join as members, such as a free month of training or some free swag, you may make this gym membership promotion even more effective.

Just make sure to gather all new leads’ contact information so you can follow up and turn them into paying customers later. The outcomes will be self-evident.


2. Build Your Gym Membership Base With Loyalty Promos

Few things inspire people to change their bodies for the better than wanting to get in shape for the beach when the winter thaws out.

To capitalise on people’s desire to lose the few extra pounds they gained during hibernation, you may conduct a one, two, three, or even six-month promotion leading up to the summer, depending on where you are headquartered. Post testimonials about the challenge’s success on social media and online to demonstrate the weight loss members have previously attained.

Consider giving away something to encourage participants to stretch themselves. Because the completion date is fixed, many people give their all and produce excellent results.

Transformation promotions draw customers who would not want to commit to a full year of membership while also building strong social proof for your business by emphasising your capacity to deliver the outcomes consumers demand.


3. Build Your Membership Base With Loyalty Promos

Sometimes during the school year, student attendance can significantly decline. However, as we covered in Why Your Gym Should Never Be Quiet at Any Time of the Year, you should take preventative measures to ensure that this never occurs. 

So, take a page from your favourite coffee shop and thank your members for making the effort to attend even when they have valid excuses not to.

Keep it straightforward with a promotion like “Attend 9 sessions and your 10th is free” or “20% off next month’s classes if you achieve 85 percent attendance.”

This kind of gym membership promotion will not only assist to keep your classes full, but you’ll also begin to build a sense of community among your participants, which will go a long way toward preventing greedy rivals from stealing your customers when you need them most.


4. Partner With Other Businesses

A fantastic strategy to boost exposure for both parties while spending little money is to collaborate with nearby companies.

Reach out to businesses that are a good fit for your brand, such as coffee shops, supplement manufacturers, or meal prep companies – and brainstorm ways you two may collaborate.

Being certain that both sides profit from any deal is essential to the success of this kind of promotion. If you execute it correctly, you’ll be able to give your customers more while spending little to no extra money. You’ll also gain more exposure to potential customers.


5. Take The Leap With Corporate Challenges

We know this from experience – entrepreneurs are by nature competitive. So why not use a corporate fitness challenge to push them against one another and appeal to their competitive nature?

Encourage friendly rivalry among neighbourhood businesses to get everyone working towards a common objective and increase membership in your company.

Make sure the challenge fits the kind of gym you’re running. It may be a group weight reduction challenge, a strength challenge for those who have made the highest gains, or an endurance challenge, for example. 

Businesses adore this because it encourages teamwork, gets people moving, and is, above all else, a lot of fun to compete to be named “the fittest office in town.” The majority of employers are eager to cover or reduce the cost of their employees using your gym as well.


6. Utilise Social Media For Giveaways

The possibility of receiving something for free will drive people insane if there is one thing that will. especially if it’s something they truly desire, like a year of cost-free training.

A tried-and-true strategy to broaden your audience and gather a tonne of warm leads is to use social media to advertise giveaways.

The important thing is that your gift must be enticing enough that participants can’t help but tag, comment, and share it widely. To increase awareness and excitement surrounding your giveaway and reach new, untapped audiences, think about collaborating with an influencer or brand.

Your freebies don’t just have to be one-time events; you can use your website to generate leads by providing a free fitness program that people can download in return for their email addresses.


7. Host Or Attend Wellness Events 

Wellness events and festivals have been springing up everywhere as customers’ attention to their health has increased.

You should take advantage of this chance to offer free group workouts so that everyone can see how amazing your gym is.

You’ll get to meet new people and let them know that you’re involved in the community and support local causes, which is a great marketing plus for some target markets. Additionally, you’ll be able to produce some fantastic material that others will want to share on their websites and social media accounts.

Why not consider organising your public event and encouraging other businesses to participate if there isn’t one already scheduled in your community? You may argue that this is outdated advertising, but the fact that it made this list is that it is effective.

Advertising your gym is not a simple task. Running effective gym membership promos, however, can significantly improve your company’s performance in terms of memberships, customer satisfaction, and ultimately your bottom line.

The finest promotions make use of the fundamentals we discussed at the beginning of this post: understanding what your audience wants, understanding the result you desire, and perfectly timing your promotion.

Don’t be scared to come up with your inventive promos in addition to the ones that are listed in this post, even if they are a great place to start. When it comes to your company’s name and clients, you are the expert. Use that information to create gym membership promotion that will inspire your customers and grow your company.